Monday, July 20, 2009

todd's trivia challenge!



for those of you counting, this is post no. 597.

though i haven't been doing the "five for friday" since the inception of this blog--i started sometime after the one year anniversary--i have been doing it for awhile. and it certainly seems like people like it since i get a flurry of emails about it any time i should happen to skip a week. so. let's say i've been doing the perhapa-blog for the past three and a half years, the "five for friday" for the past two and a half. 52 weeks in a year, times two and a half, that's 130 trivia fridays, five questions each...totaling 650 questions. a week or two off here or there, let's call it 600.

i'm being conservative.

but still...that's a lot of questions.

most of 'em straight outta my tiny little brain.

so, i'm taking this week off.

but i don't want to miss out on here's the deal.

i'm asking you--yes, YOU. don't turn around, i'm looking right at you--to come up with a "five for friday" of your own.

for me.

here's the challenge. i love trivia and will do my best to answer all of the trivia questions sent my way--without relying on google or any outside assistance in any form, of course--and let's see how i do. you in?

the only rule here is that it should be what is considered GENERAL KNOWLEDGE trivia--stuff you might hear on cash cab or jeopardy. anything that becomes too specific is known in trivia circles as minutia--these are questions that go beyond trivial and become, well, TOO trivial. for example; my pals, roger ash and kc carlson, are HUGE music fans and each of them contain a warehouse and a half full of knowledge of rock and roll from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s in their respective noggins and have, in the past, thrown some questions at me that just made my head spin. and not in a good way.
that's minutia.

so send in your five (or ten or fifteen...) questions in to me--at --by thursday and i'll post them friday (along with my answers and/or guesses later on in the day). if any of them seem to me to be a little too specific, i'll call for a ruling and allow all of you to determine if it really is minutia or if i'm just being a whiney baby.

so send 'em in ( again, that's at ) and let's see if my brain is good for anything besides mopping up big spills.


and here are
the answers to
last week's

"five for friday"
you name it...

1. what is beast boy's real name?

gar logan

2. what was john wayne's real name?

marion morrison

3. what was the name of winona rider's character in alien 4: alien resurrection?


4. what actor played the character of dea agent, ray nicolette, in both jackie brown and out of sight?

michael keaton

5. and finally, like you haven't had enough of him these past two weeks, what was michael jackson's middle name?


i'm out!
smell ya later!


Denis said...

Darn! I've been posting trivia questions on my Gmail status for a few weeks now, inspired by two questions you posted, but I haven't been keeping track of them for future (read: present) reference! Let's see... some of the more popular questions I had...

1) In the US, it's commonly referred to as a hurricane, but what is this weather feature called in the areas around a)The Indian Ocean, and b) The Pacific Ocean?
2) Humans can be individually identified by their finger-prints. What prints are dogs identified by?
3) What is the body of an airplane called?
4) What person won the most number of Academy Awards, winning an incredible 26 Oscars!?
5)How many of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still exist today?

Hope these are general enough for you, while still being a little challenging! Also, remember my rule while I posted these on Gmail- "NO Googling!" :) Also, I hope I didn't use any of the ones you posted that originally inspired me to start my own trivia challenge! Ha!

Looking forward to post 600 with much excitement!


Scott Weinstein said...

I didn't get a chance to comment Friday, but Russ' article was great. And I don't think you gave away too much. Well except for the part where the whole Perhapanauts story turns out to be a dream Jake is having.

todd said...

thanks, denis~!

those're great!!
(and hard...!) i shoulda told everyone to send their questions in to me at

to make 'em all new and fresh for friday.
i'll go retro-fit that into the blog...

and thanks!

Brian said...

While 600 is quite the achievement, the first thing I think of when I hear that number is The Charge of the Light Brigade by Tennyson,

Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do & die
Into the Valley of Death,
Rode the Six Hundred

But, Hey, I'm sure that number will work out much better for you then for them.

I'll shoot you off a Five for as I've got a great theme

Denis said...

D'oh! Silly me! Never-the-less. Have fun, and I look forward to Fridays assortment of trivia!

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