Wednesday, July 01, 2009 monsters in the sewers and stuff



so we should really do this. it's a great idea and...well, look at it.

as i have said here before--and pimped like crazy--my friend, nick tapalansky, writes a book called awakening, illustrated by alex eckman-lawn and letters by thomas maurer. they have had a rough road of it, like the perhapanauts--just being seen in this crazy, glutted market is nigh impossible.
so the guys made a video. a trailer, really. and posted it on youtube for everyone to see. what a great idea!

i guess i should also mention that the guys have just finished a two part perhapanauts story that will appear in the back of issues 9 and 10 when they come out early next year. here's a page...


my good pal and awesome comic book artist, howard porter, sent me this link for the blog yesterday. this totally creeped me out!

North Carolina
Very Weird Unknown life form found in Sewers! this is a rather weird video of a remote controlled sewer-cam, used to search for blockages and to inspect the overall condition of sewer.

i don't know what's creepier; the weird creatures or the fact that there's such a thing as a sewer-cam...


dani--my ex and now good friend and namesake of dani the faerie in tellos and craig and i are gonna see her in a couple weeks in cleveland!!--sent me these "messin' up your kodak moment" pictures a while back. i thought a couple of them were funny.


speaking of cleveland, craig and i will be attending the second big SCREAMING TIKI CON in cleveland the weekend of july 10-12!! it'll be jam-packed with pros and a buncha awesome tv stars and it all ties in to the dedication of the jerry siegel superman home!

as i have recently been watching the battlestar galactica series, i'm nutty for the guest list!!
check it out!!


i saw this on yahoo and thought it was cool. wouldn't it be kinda creepy to see this on the side of the road growing large in your headlights as you got closer...?

another picture of me and craig from heroescon lookin' all badass.

also on yahoo, this pic of a sting ray avoiding a killer whale. ever since i saw that thing i saw, i've been fascinated with manta rays and sting rays. they're so cool.

also, when i was a kid, i rode a sting ray...

sweet ride...

see ya friday!
smell ya later!


portalcomics said...

HA! love the pic with Scooby and Shaggy! Priceless!

Brian said...

Ha! You're right, Scooby and Shaggy ARE in that picture. Didn't notice them at first, second or third. ;-)

Thanks for sharing more Heroes pics, Todd. Man, hard to believe it is July 1st and mid con season already. The weather here in the Northeast has been way too overcast and rainy to get any feel of summer at all.

Enjoy Screaming Tiki boys and I'll be looking for a pic of you guys manning the bat copter.

Bill Nolan said...

I used to ride a Stingray, too. Years later, my brother actually made a good living dealing in Schwinn Stingray parts and bikes, especially the Krate's (the ones with the smaller front tires). Those are worth a TON of money these days.

A few years ago, my brother even put together a cool blue Stingray for me, with an awesomely huge sissy bar. :)

Warren said...

Fun stuff! The sewer video was downright X-filesy. I could hear the "do-do-do-do-do-doooo" music starting.

alison said...

Sewer thing - snopes hasn't even touched it, yet. At first I thought, "Yeah, right, I'm no fool, that's someone's nasty throbbing hemorrhoid," but then the camera pulled back, and welp, there went that theory down the drain - so to speak.

Like the photo of you and Craig being all Big-like. (background set up or just one of those Kodak moments?)

Totally cool bike, and yet one more thing I wasn't allowed to have by my every safety conscious dad. (You might flip over those handle bars :-) - this however, being the same guy who let us tear ass around the perimeter of our yard with his old Pontiac. Go figure...)

Enjoy the Tiki (For some reason I envision that awesome 50 gallon drum guy on the side of the road showing up there.)

todd said...

i hadn't noticed that we were striking a pose with big behind us doing the same thing!
kodak moment--good eyes, alison!!

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