Monday, July 13, 2009

friday's post on monday...


so, obviously, we didn't get the post up on friday...
below is the post i wrote on thursday but craig didn't bring his laptop and we couldn't figure out how to do it on his iphone. also, we had quite a few beers friday afternoon and even if we coulda, i don't think we coulda...

the show was fun. we are exhausted. we saw a lotta great costumes and we took a lotta pictures. i'll post 'em on wednesday.

here's the post from friday.
i'm beat.



well, if i can actually get this posted, we're probably having a great time here in cleveland!
i know we are--we always do...

while looking around the other day for pics to go with my tellos on the iphone blog, i came across this great commission mike did a few years back and thought i'd share it again! a cool--and funny--idea and you can see how very smooth the characters look. i remember mike saying that he had a lot of fun with this and how much it made him miss our gang...!

me too...


and while we're talking about digging things up; for some reason i really can't remember right now...oh, no, no, now i do remember, but it's boring and you won't care...i dug out this thing/she-hulk book i wrote many years ago, the long night.

i believe i've written a little something about this project once before here in the blog, but this time i'm mentioning it just 'cause, well, i read it. and i liked it.
see, it's rare for me to go back and actually enjoy my own work. like most artists do, i'll look at it and see the mistakes, the mis-phrasing of something, the lost opportunities in a scene or a bit of dialogue...
but i liked reading this. it was fun and reminded me of the comics i used to love when i was a kid.
sure, i still saw a couple rough patches, places where the story didn't flow as smoothly as the rest, but there was an artist change halfway through the book and their storytelling styles, while very close, weren't exactly the same.
anyway, if you're at you local comic shop or at a nice little convention this weekend, go hunt down a copy.
you might like it too.


have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


alison said...

Okay, since we're Friday posting on Monday, I hope you guys enjoy the con this weekend. I'll be homebound all weekend, car's in the shop, hopefully it'll be fixed on Monday.

Oh, and back in the day, some girls talked to you. . .

alison said...

darn spacing, that was supposed to be an aposiopesis at the end of that post, not a period with two random dots on the following line. you. just not being as effective as you...


Christian D. Leaf said...

Definitely need to pick up that Thing/She-Hulk. Especially since we own one of the pages. Almost grabbed a trade with it at Heroes, but the cover was creased to kingdom come. I'll put it on my list and see if I can hunt it down Wednesday...

Glad Cleveland was fun, exhausting and that you made it back in one piece.

Brian said...

I've got my copy of the Thing/She Hulk filed safely away with my other Dezago treasures. Fun fact. Bought it before I knew you, so the purchase was driven by the Hitch art, but the story was a blast.

As for that Star Wars themed commission, it, of course, belongs to the one and only John Higashi and there is, of course, a story behind it.

As most folks know, Mike was not one to take on "at home" commissions since when he was working at home, it was on work for publication. Consequently, this was a long term project and was, literally, years in the making.

In talking about it on his blog when it was finally done and delivered, Mike mentioned how it was sitting in one of his lower storage draws in his work area at home. He said many a time he would open the draw to get some paper, see it sitting on top, think to himself that he needed to get to it one of these days, and then, slowly close the door on it.

It was, without question, well worth the wait.

Glad to hear that you guys will have/had a great time Screaming at the Tiki in Ohio.

Heywood Jablomie said...

oh man i remember when mike posted this on his blog! that was one of my fave pieces he's done, i had it as my background for quite some time.

i'm still looking to get me a copy of that book, just haven't had the chance. and the few on the 'bay had some crazy shipping prices.

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