Wednesday, July 08, 2009

screaming off to cleveland!


as i posted the other day, craig and i will be heading out to cleveland tomorrow to spend the weekend at the second way-cool SCREAMING TIKI CON! hosts peter and dawn smith have put together a star-studded show (no, we're not the stars...) that include smallville's lex luthor, michael rosenbaum, and doomsday, sam witwer. from star wars, darth maul himself, ray park, and the young boba fett, daniel logan. supergirl helen slater, and buck rogers' wilma deering, erin gray (who i had a terrific crush on back in the day...) ('cause, real girls would talk to me.)
but, as i've said, at craig and jim starlin's urgings, i've been watching battlestar galactica lately and will be diving into season 3 as soon as craig gets it over to me and it is with that in mind that i'm most eager to see admiral adama himself, edward james olmos! hopefully, i might even get the chance to meet him and, y'know, thank him for saving earth...

so, come on out and see us! we're here all weekend!


i stumbled on this while looking up some images for toothed fish...



and speaking of toothed fish...

have you seen the new crazy fishing show called HOOKED on the national geographic channel?! monday nights! check it out!

no, seriously.

you all know that i'll watch all kinds of shows on just about any cryptozoological creature/entity that they slap a name on. i'm just fascinated with the subject and can't get enough! so when natgeo started running ads for HOOKED! on their sister station, discovery, during cash cab, i practically leapt out of my seat! unknown creatures are weird enough--but the weird creatures we DO know about are incredible! this show features some awesome ichthyologists and world class fishermen going after some of the most amazing fish you've ever seen!

the vampire fish--with fangs that extend up into it's skull!

the pacu--with it's weird human-like teeth!


i will do my best to get a post up friday from the con--provided i can find some internet action.

have a good day!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

I've been watching RIVER MONSTERS and I've been meaning to drop you a line about it. Sounds like te kinda same deal as HOOKED. Of the couple episodes I've seen the creepiest fish has been the Goonch. Key-ripes!

Safe travels to you and Craig for Tiki!

Anonymous said...

Arg! I think the fish w/ human teeth creeps me out more than the vampire fish... blablabalb!

Scott Weinstein said...

Eww a fish with human teeth. And worse it looks like that fish doesn't go to the dentist very often. He does not deserve such useful human teeth.

Have a great time at the con. Tell Col. Deering I say "hi." (She'll remember me.) She was this nerd's Farrah Fawcett. I also loved her in Silver Spoons. Oh the late 70s, early 80s, how I miss thee.

Bill Nolan said...

My kids both have Kei Acedera prints hanging in their rooms. I met her a couple of times at cons in Toronto. She's awesome.

Brian said...

Kei and company were sitting right beside Tim Sale up in Toronto, so I got to spend a little time with them while minding Tim's table and they are just the nicest folk you'd ever want to meet.

The one you posted was my favorite.

Adam Hutch said...

Sounds like a fun con! Have a good time.

That fish with the human teeth is gonna be haunting my nightmares for awhile I think.

Matt Wieringo said...

Dude, that fish with human teeth is nas-tay!

Have fun, Todd.

Anonymous said...

Screaming Tiki $40,000 in the hole!

Ingenuityfest called artistic success despite flat attendance, dispute with Screaming Tiki Cleveland Super-Con

Screaming Tiki organizer Peter Smith said that Levin gave him an inaccurate picture of Ingenuityfest's expected attendance and didn't fulfill a joint advertising agreement. Smith estimated Ingenuityfest's attendance last weekend at closer to 10,000.

The two events arranged that Screaming Tiki passes would be honored at Ingenuity, but there were glitches. Smith said he refunded nearly 100 Screaming Tiki admissions to people who were refused admittance into the arts festival.

About 1,000 fans attended Screaming Tiki (numbers were more like 300-400)-- fewer than both events expected -- and it went about $40,000 into the red, Smith said.

Smith said.

"We'll never do another event with them, ever," said Smith, who lives in Youngstown. "We really don't feel they upheld their end of the bargain." Smith is a comics and tattoo illustrator who has organized previous comics conventions in Niles.

Levin pointed out that the comics convention was prominently advertised on Ingenuity's Web site and program. Ingenuityfest gate workers were well-informed about the comics gathering and no one was improperly turned away, he said.

Pointing fingers is fruitless, Levin said. "We're not responsible for promoting Tiki Con; he's responsible for promoting Tiki Con," Levin said, referring to Smith

Lauren said...

Not that it hasn't been said already but that fish with the human teeth gives me both the heebies AND the jeebies

Anonymous said...

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