Friday, August 07, 2009

anatomy of a page--PERHAPANAUTS no.5--part 3


and, finally, here it all is with words.
as with most action sequences, there is usually not a lot of dialogue involved (unless you're quentin tarantino, in which case , that's where you include all of the most important dialogue). action sequences require lots of bursts of banter, cut offs, censored expletives, and HEAVY SOUND EFFECTS!!! SQUIRCH!

and that's it! that's how we do it! if you have any questions about any part of the process or anything, just ask! we're here!


and now, from lovely
cape hatteras, north carolina,
your "five for friday"...
movie taglines
i'll tell you this--they're all from
the past 2 years...

1. "this summer; heroes aren't born, they're built."

2. "would you put your this basket?"

3. "if you want to live, you will obey."

4. "in space, no one can hear you clean."

5. "many saw evil. they dared to stop it."

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

--- Note ---
Hey all, this is Rod Hannah, making the above post on behalf of Todd who is chillin' at the beach. He called me out of the blue this morning with internet problems and no way of making today's blog post happen. After trying everyone in the known universe for help he then turned to me! So there ya go. What Todd doesn't realize is that I'm going to blatantly pimp Blue Milk Special the Star Wars webcomic that Leanne and myself work on. We update it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so check it out quick before Todd gets back and deletes this!


Brian said...

"Hello Larry" is a line/title that has now ended 2 careers in show biz. ;-)

Let's see, for the five for, I got nothing much.

1. Iron Man?

4. Sunshine Cleaners?

alison said...

Hi Rod, Just checked out BMS, and not being much of a Star Wars follower, I was immediately enlightened and amused. (Given my not follower status, I'm sure as I poke around your site more there will be a lot more light bulbs and chuckles for me.) Also, thanks for stepping in and posting here so that we weren't left hanging.

t - Great look inside and I love the break down - that you first throw the visuals at Craig. I know that when I write, the visuals and dialogue and sensory stuff are usually all there present at the same time bouncing around in my head, but here, you've had to capture and isolate them a bit in order to present Craig with just what he needs to do his beautiful part. I imagine that breaking down of the elements in turn, gives you ideas for enriching them even more.

Oh, and tech stuff: You can finagle the date by going to edit after posting. Under the text box are more options and one is to change the date and time.

Also, a request—can you switch the comment page to a popup instead of full page because that way I (we all) can easily check things in the post without losing what we've started commenting, when hitting the back button to check something. Am I making sense?

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda blank on the 5ers today.

Brian- that's a good catch on the "Hello Larry" line, but check out the 2nd page where Choopie says the (famous?) Todd farewell from these blogs, "Smell ya later"

Hey Rod- Glad you posted that link. Looks pretty cool. I'll be stopping by from time to time, now

Anonymous said...

guess it's the same page as the "hello Larry", but on the 1st panel.

Anonymous said...

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