Monday, August 24, 2009

facebook=time machine


a week or so ago, over on my facebook page, i made the comment that facebook may very well be the closest we ever come to having a real live time machine.
i mean, figure this...
in the year or so that i've been on facebook, i have;
re-connected with more than half of my high school graduating class--
been in touch with over forty schoolmates from other classes (a year of two older, a year or two younger...)--
got the old gang together from my theater and school newspaper days in college--
become great friends all over again with one of my best friends from junior high that i had lost contact with long ago--
been "friended" by just about every one of my ex-girlfriends (which, oddly enough, isn't weird at all. 'matter of fact, it's kinda nice...)--
and have even joined a group that's put me in touch with kids i went to elementary school with when i was a little kid in hicksville, long island--and my old babysitter! (not...that i have a new babysitter, just that...forget it.)--

anyway, if you haven't already guessed, i'm a bit of a sentimental sap as it is, always eager to reminisce about times gone by, shared experiences, great adventures we had, trouble we got into--stuff like that. my memories of the past--and especially my childhood--are incredibly vivid and can, most times, take me right back there. sure, it makes me a little wistful from time to time and makes me long for those sweeter, supposedly more innocent days, and it makes me sad sometimes and wish that there were some way to go back and live those wonderful times all over again. (and the part of me that believes there's a heaven, believes that there's a department up there where you can do that--not just review your life, but relive it. over and over if you want. )

so facebook has become a bit of a time machine for me. a chance to re-connect with dear friends from the past and laugh about not only what we did all those years ago, but share in who we are now and how that experience--and those people--helped shape us into the people we are today. some of those people have joined us here (hi, alison and wendy!), some check out the perhapa-blog 'cause it gets linked on the facebook page, but don't come over and comment (and you should, you know! we're a nice bunch and we don't bite. much.), and some check us out but like to remain anonymous (...but i know you're there, j.) (and m. and l. and p...)

i already have plans in september for two reunions--my high school (well, that was gonna happen anyway...) and one the following weekend with all my friends from college (thanks to wendy who did an awesome job of making that all happen!) i owe lunch to gaby (my blood sister) next time i'm in new york--and to kathi, too, the time after that! i see my old friend garth whenever he comes into town to see his mom and we laugh about when we were 12 and 13 and trying to figure out life and girls and music and girls and people and girls...

and people send pictures.

facebook is a time machine.
well, until we get a real one...


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and here are the
answers to the
"five for friday"

1. what is a group of jellyfish called?

a smack. a smack of jellyfish.
(thank you, dani!)

2. who wrote and originally performed the song that both rod stewart and sheryl crow covered, "the first cut is the deepest?"

cat stevens

3. what is the name of the head keebler elf?


4. what were the three names that kitty pryde tried on when she was just starting out as a young x-man?

ariel, sprite, shadowcat

5. and while we're on names--and i know we've done this one before but i've been reading some recent archie comics and they're on my mind--what are the last names of:

a. betty COOPER

b. veronica LODGE

c. archie ANDREWS

d. jughead JONES

e. reggie MANTLE

happy monday!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

great pics of "The Artist As A Young Man," Todd, thanks for sharing.

Christian D. Leaf said...

That first pic of you looks like visitation day at the state pen.

craig rousseau said...

wow, look at that young punk... ha!

i had my 20 year high school reunion just the other night and had a mighty good time reconnecting with folks (and connecting with some people i never talked with 20 years ago for one reason or another) ... and yup, with facebook, i'd already talked with several beforehand...

todd, you an i did have a talk about the past (over SEVERAL beers in cleveland) and reliving and maybe even making a change here or there... and i'll say again, for me, everything that's happened (good, bad, seemly insignificant) has led me to where i am today and i wouldn't wanna change ONE thing (okay, well, maybe not signing with dark horse, but that's a whole 'nother story - ha!... and then there's those things we have NO control over, like illness and death)... who knows, one small change and i never go to SMU to meet dave tata and then mike thomas and then get work on impulse ... and meet you and mike.... and that's just us (that one small change and i'm not with trish and the kids... see?)

man, there's just too much to look forward to (personally and professionally) to wanna go back, least for me... ('cause really, who doesn't wanna be in 2011 watching the 'haps on the big screen?!)

Jason Copland said...

Love those pictures!

Matt Wieringo said...

Hilarious, Christian! HA!

If "friended" is a euphemism for "took out a hit on" then maybe I'll be "friended" by my exes. Otherwise, not likely to happen.

Craig, re: 2011...from your keyboard to Crom's ear.

Brian said...

In regard to a time machine, the only thing I would change would be to insist on IBM stock, instead of underwear, for Christmas.


~ Wendy ~ said...

Love that first pic of you!
It has been fun getting together with some of the old gang and 'membering. Can't wait to do it again in Sept.
Then we'll have more pics for you to post here!