Monday, August 31, 2009

plays well with otters


hope you all had a great weekend!

our pal--and newsarama correspondent--russ burlingame and i had fun with this casper interview the other night.
and here's why it was so much fun...i've done 4 or 5 interviews for casper already and when russ sent his first question over, i thought they were gonna be more of the same...but they weren't. russ certainly knows how to have fun with an interview and you can check out how here:


for those of you who might not know, while the perhapanauts is published by image comics and we love them for it, craig and i call our little virtual comics studio "plays well with otters productions". while producing the highly-sought-after, widely acclaimed self-published 16 page perhapanauts not-gigantic-color-special #1, we realized that we needed a little somethin' somethin' to act as our logo and make the thing look somewhat professional. we threw a few names back and forth and went "meh.", but the one that really stuck with us was this one, a little play on words that i had come up with a year or so earlier while filling out some silly online survey and the asked me what my indian name would be. i said, "masequa." when they asked what the name meant, i wrote, "plays well with otters".

so craig drew up our logo and we were in business. now we make sure that the "pwwo" logo shines on every issue we put out.

so the next time we were hanging around with mike--a couple months later at a show somewhere--animal lover that he was, mike said how much he dug the design and how cute that little friggin' otter was. a while later we talked about creating our own virtual studio--the three of us--and start doing some projects together, and that maybe with the three of us working on things, we could get more out there and have more fun! we asked mike if he wanted to join in on plays well with otters and he was thrilled!
he, of course, went right home and did up his own design (the idea being that we would rotate the logos and create a new brand...)

soon after that, as our pal, nick cardy, started asking to have his table moved closer to us at conventions, we asked nick if he'd like to join the otters too! we were excited to have a comics legend join the team--and nick was touched to be asked to be "one of the boys!" we told him that he'd have to design a version of the logo--he keeps calling it "plays well with beavers" and we have to keep correcting him--but then...things came up.

i should get nick to do that logo.


"five for friday"

1. which u.s president coined the phrase, "walk softly, but carry a big stick"?

theodore "teddy" roosevelt

2. who said, "imagination is more important than knowledge"?

albert einstein

3. what six states comprise the region known as new england?

maine, new hampshire, vermont, massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut

4. what is known as big sky country?


5. comics creators
who created...

a. superman?

jerry siegel and joe shuster

b. batman?

bob kane

c. spider-man?

stan lee and steve ditko

d. the fantastic four?

stan lee and jack kirby

e. wonder woman?

william moulton marston

f. wolverine?

len wein, john romita, sr., and herb trimpe

g. impulse?

mark waid and mike wieringo

h. savage dragon?

erik larsen

i. after-school agent?

scott weinstein and chris zaccone

j. amber atoms?

kelly yates

that's all for now!
smell ya later!


~ Wendy ~ said...

Love the logos. Nick may be taking a while because he has hard acts to follow. :-)

So what do you think about Disney buying Marvel? Will all our beloved Marvel characters still remain beloved to us - edgy at times .. or will they soon be dancing on ice and singing country songs on the telly? Or perhaps Disney will take more chances and there will be some real action fight scenes in their next Princess movie!

Matt Wieringo said...

Then perhaps you'll like my subsidiary studio, Plays Well with Udders. Logo forthcoming.

I'm fairly nervous about the Marvel/Disney thing. But that's just because I'm terrified of change. It will probably be a good thing in the long run. I keep thinking that, if Mike were here, he'd either be really nervous or, with his kid-friendly cartoonish style, laughing maniacally, shouting, "MWA HA HA HA! I'm in like Flynn! Eat it Greg Land!"

Heywood Jablomie said...

Ever since I saw this logo I thought it was one of the best things I ever came across-and both logos are just so wonderfully rendered.

Matt-I'm strangely curious to see what that logo'd look like! lol

And I'm still trying to figure out how I feel on the whole disney/marvel thing. But Matt's right-Mike to me would be instant shoe-in there. Eat it Greg Land indeed!

Adam Hutch said...

Those logos are fun. The name's a cute play on words too.

I’m thinking nothing big’s gonna change with the deal Disney/Marvel deal (I could be 100% wrong, who knows). The one thing I can foresee happening pretty easily would be Marvel's offices moving to Florida or California, and that would make me kinda sad.

Marvel, in and out of the comics, is just so tied to NYC. I think something would be lost if/when they move the offices, to me anyway.

Brian said...

Plays Well With Otters, like The Perhapanauts, is something that I loved at first sight. Thanks for the history lesson, Todd.

As for the Disney/Marvel deal. I feel bad for Boom Studios, as they are going to do all the work getting the Disney Comics off the ground without any shot at renewing the licenses now.

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