Monday, October 26, 2009

haps halloween contest: alexander hoey's "trick or treat!"


well, it's the final week of our perhapanauts scary halloween contest and just two more days until the contest's deadline! if you've got something that you'd like to send in, do it now, dude! we've had a really great run of wonderfully creative entries so far and i know that our judges are gonna have a hard time with this one!

i've re-posted the rules and grand prize below, just in case anybody needed any further incentive.
here they are...

the rules are simple--create a halloween-themed piece featuring one or more characters from the perhapanauts. it can be scary or funny, creepy or crazy, trick or treat. we will run entries as they arrive, deadline for contest is wednesday, october 28th. a panel of judges will choose a winner in each category, the winner will receive a signed copy of the perhapanauts : triangle trade, a perhapanauts t-shirt, and some other perhapanauts loot. all are welcome to participate. have fun.
there ya go! get out those pencils and imaginations!
let's make this a scary halloween

and now...

alexander hoey's "trick or treat!"

and here's an extra piece that alex did featuring big as a buddhist monk.
(or, as my friend, james pointed out, a jedi knight.)


for those of you asking, "hey!--where's casper? wasn't that s'posed to be a halloween book too?" well, yes it was...and still is! you should see casper and the spectrals #1 on stands this wednesday! (that's the cover to issue #2 below--don't let me fool you...!) casper was scheduled to be out a week ago, but some unforeseen technical difficulties at the printer bumped it back a week. but rest assured, it'll be out for halloween and the other two issues are right on schedule!


some more creepy, scary, spooky halloween pics to get you in the spirit...

vintage halloween


hey...halloween can be sexy...!

...although, this one...
i don't know if this is awesome or just plain disturbing. how freakin' creepy of a costume is this?
reminds me of both that horrific doll they had in that haunted house i worked in back in high school or all of those horrible, tasteless dead baby jokes they told back when i was in grade school...! either way--ick!

and now that it's finally crunch-time, i'll ask again...
whatcha gonna be for halloween...?
gotta go!
get spooky!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Alexander, your idea for making Big's "costume" a paste on zipper is both inspired and hilarious. Great idea.

Todd, thanks for the picture of the sexy witch. Candy is fine for the little ones, but on Halloween, I like me a little cheese cake.

As for Halloween, I'm going to a Wizard of Oz themed party and have decided to go as the Munchkin Coroner with the update that I will be with CSI - Munchkin Land

Looking forward to picking up Casper this week.

Cooper said...

Huzzah-wha'?! Man, that last pic is like an Optimus Prime that transforms into a pile of dead babies instead of a truck...*shiver*

Warren said...

Nice drawing Alexander!

And I like the witch pic too.

Aaaand... I made my biweekly trip to pick up my comics only to find out that (again) my shop didn't get me the latest Perhapanauts! So, I'm hoping he can backorder the Halloween special.