Friday, October 16, 2009

haps halloween contest: warren newsom's "alternate you"


we now return you to your regularly scheduled perhapanauts scary halloween contest...

so here's the deal. today's entry was sent in by last years "halloween scary story contest" winner, warren newsom.
you might remember warren's chilling tale, "daisy was a good dog," about a strange...thing in the bushes surrounding the author's home and the loyal dog that put her life on the line to protect her family.
this time warren put both his writing and artistic talents to work with this one...

warren newsom's "alternate you"


so craig says to me the other day--"hey! you never announced that the perhapanauts went up on the comixology app on itunes last week! everybody can download the annual for free and the following issues are only a meager 99¢ per issue!"
yeah, really?!? maybe 'cause i didn't know! maybe 'cause YOU'RE the one with the fancy-pants iphone, mr. i-got-a-fancy-pants-iphone-and-you-don't! maybe if enough people buy the app, i'll be able to get one!
so check out both the perhapanauts--and TELLOS--on itunes!
'cause i know you wanna carry these guys around!

oh, and you can also pick up the first issue of the sci-fi hi-adventure, AMBER ATOMS, by our pal, kelly yates on comixology too!


so i had some low-battery problems with my camera at the show last weekend and not enough time in between to go get some new ones, so i'm relying on the pics craig and matt took to give you a look at the baltimore comiccon.
not a lot of shots from the convention floor--though there were a lot of great costumes...
these are a little more intimate.
these are some shots from our big, extended family dinner on saturday night. trish, sharon, and suzanne made plans for us to go out "someplace nice" for dinner on saturday (for my birthday) and, as is usually the case at conventions, the reservation number just grew and grew. what a great night, with great friends. thanks, everybody!

matt and suzanne. i don't know whether matt's drinking my martini or trish's, but they were good...!

suzanne, leanne and rod hannah.

matt and suzanne.

rod, rich woodall, and kelly yates.
(rich drew the spooky "night of the tatzelwurm" story in the halloween spooktacular--check it out!)

tim and lauren monardo. (tim's last name isn't monardo, but i had a couple martinis and don't remember it...) lauren is the fantastic artist on the slightly askew adventures of inspector ham and eggs--featured previously on this blog...
and future back-up artist on a haps tale in the new upcoming miniseries...! yay!

rod, kelly, and craig.
man--it's like kelly had to be in every picture...

craig and trish.
and, sonuvabitch! kelly!

sharon and me...and i think that's karl watching us in the background...

i got some great birthday gifts at the show--and when i got home.
leanne drew me this awesome choopie birthday piece which is just fruit pie-tastic!!

and lauren gave me the original to her halloween spooktacular unprecedented double-page pin-up. thanks to both of you lovely--and talented!--ladies--they're going in frames and up in the studio next week!
when i got home, matt and suzanne sent me the calvin and hobbes library which, if you haven't seen it is massively huge and complete and full of wonderful bill watterson gorgeousness and heavy and such a wonderful gift! thanks, you guys! i can't wait to dive into that!

okay, gotta go! work to do!
for those of you still working on your
perhapanauts scary halloween contest entries--get 'em in!
we all can't wait to be scared!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


~ Wendy ~ said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! Both at the convention and at your birthday dinner. :-)

Sherry (sister) and I found the comic book store (awesome one here in Lancaster! We must have spent over an hour there!!) and purchased our copies of the Perhaps. I've already devoured mine and will go back later to read it again slower.

ok - back to exploring PA..
(punch buggy red - no punch backs!!)

Brian said...

Wow, written and illustrated, that one is going to be hard to beat. Say, Todd, what did you say the second place prize was again?

Looks like you guys had a great time at dinner. I was down at PF Chang's with Barry Kitson and some guys and gals from his Yahoo group having a grand old time of it before heading out with the dawn patrol to line up early for the con.

Matt Wieringo said...

Wow! Everyone’s entries have been great but Warren’s going to be tough to beat.

We had a great time hanging out with everyone but I have to say that dirty martini (which was yours, Todd) was nasty. I likes mine sans olives. I don’t drink them often but Suzanne’s dad makes a killer martini that you have to try some day.

And thanks for everything you did for us at the scholarship table, Brian. You were a life saver. And a fund raiser!

Brian said...

Thanks, Matt, glad I was able to help.