Tuesday, October 13, 2009

haps halloween contest: brien powell's "perhapanauts halloween cover!"


well, we had an incredible weekend down at the baltimore comiccon with "the family" (more on that tomorrow...), and i had hoped that sharon and i would've been back early enough yesterday for me to post monday's blog and the latest entry in our perhapanauts scary halloween contest.
but we got back later than we planned, mostly 'cause of new jersey.
yeah, i said it.
happens every time.
is new jersey's inability to put up correct signage a way to boost their state's income by getting you turned around and lost in one of their quaint and charming townships and have to spend your money there on gas, food, and ultimately, directions?
sharon came up with a fantastic perhapanauts tale about this that i'm making her write for an upcoming post...

i love ya, jersey--i really do.
but ya gotta do something about your signs.

so we got home late.
and i thought i'd post yesterday's contest entry today and get back on track tomorrow.

so here is my longtime friend, brien powell's "perhapanauts halloween cover!" i met brien, gosh, i dunno how many years ago, must be ten at least, at heroes con where he gave me several of his wonderfully fun mini comics that soon became a staple of my plane ride home from charlotte each year. brien is incredibly prolific with his various characters and their adventures and it's always a nice come down from the hustle and bustle of a convention.
craig and i got to see brien in baltimore this weekend too and told him that his entry was great and that it would be up yesterday. sorry for the delay brien, but here it is. hope you all enjoy it!

thanks, brien!
great job!


halloween is coming up quick, perhapa-gang, and i'm really trying to get in the mood. so here are a few scary pics to start with! if YOU find anything creepy or spooky in the way of a frightful pic, send it along so that we can all get in the spirit of the season...!

i always throw away the!

halloween can be sexy too...!
(i wasn't going to make the "jumping her bones" comment--you guys can do that in your heads...)

and...really? i'm a huge halloween fan too, but whaddaya say the other 364 days ...?


my birthday

so, yeah, saturday was my birthday.
and thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes on facebook or by email, they were warmly received.

but i had told my two best friends NOT to do anything about it, that i really didn't want a fuss made and that i'd actually be kinda pissed if they did. i'd hoped that we could leave it just another day, another saturday, another day at a convention.
so sharon and i come into the convention hall on saturday morning to have george perez and stuart immonen and michael golden and renee witterstaetter all pass us by in the crowds, big smiles, with big happy birthday greetings from each! sonuvabitch! how did they know? i managed to hold onto kelly dale as she gave me a birthday kiss and a hug and asked her who told. she wouldn't break.
until i finally got to the table and saw that matt and suzanne had gotten there early...
...and that this poster was tacked up in the center of our booth wall!

...matt wearing that sheepish grin of his, hoping that i wasn't really as mad as i looked.

nobody listens to you on your birthday.

a short while later, while we were still setting up, two lovely ladies--one with stunning magenta hair (kim, right? i never got to come over and see your artwork...) appeared in front of me asking me to sign...their postcards.
sure, what postcards...? hey, lemme see that! what the–?

craig, already deep in a con sketch, just looked over at me with hjis own grin and said, "happy birthday, sucker."

more haps halloween contest tomorrow!
if you still haven't entered--send it in!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Hahahahaha! Both the poster and postcard are perfect. Again, Happy birthday, Todd. Sorry we missed the festivities.

todd said...

"the family" wasn't complete without you, christian.

and actually, that isn't the poster matt had up. he had two made up and at the bottom of the original, instead of (our favorite) "bitch, please", it said, "we strongly disagree"

Anonymous said...

I'd suggested we put one of the post cards on your back and let you walk around with it... guess you know who your true friends are :-)

todd said...


with all the huggin' that was goin' on, that wouldn't have been too hard to do...

portalcomics said...

HA! that's some good stuff Todd!! glad you had a good B-day!! I love Brien's entry... I've know Brien for a few years myself, we're both members of a small press publishing group called the United Fanzine Organization, so I have a nice collection of Magnet Man mini's myself!! he's one of the funniest and most creative guys I've met in comics!! NICE JOB BRIEN!!

Adam Hutch said...

HA! That's awesome! Nicely done guys.

Glad you guys had a good time down in Baltimore. I'm looking forward to your "report."

Leanne said...

That poster (and postcard) was awesome! And I LOVE the "bitch, please" version! Hilarious.

Scott Weinstein said...

HA!!! Those signs are great!

And in honor of your trip through New Jersey, here are a few of my favorite David Paterson quotes (the Fred version, not the real guy)

"And you know how you go to Hell? You take the Holland Tunnel straight to New Jersey!"

"That's a tough call to make since all options are terrible. It's like judging a beauty contest in NEW JERSEY."

Regarding driving through NJ "It’s like riding the Magic School Bus on a tour of the human colon"

"- Hey speaking of Governors, what do they call the governor of New Jersey?
- What?
- Best in Show"

"-You know how you can tell the worst is behind you?
- You see a sign that says Now Leaving New Jersey!"

Brian said...

Todd, glad I could be a small part of spreading the word about your birthday.

As for Brien's cover, great job and I really enjoyed this year's batch of mini-comics.

Brien said...

Thanks for the kind words guys! Glad you enjoyed the cover & the minicomics! Great seeing everyone in Baltimore this year!