Monday, November 23, 2009

the beginning of a short week...!


sometimes people are just on a roll...
the other day i talked about repetitious emails and how rare it is these days to have something truly new and fresh and original show up in my inbox--and then alison came through with the list of "things to ponder" the other day...
i 'e'd her to thank her and--BAM!--here's another one! i've marveled in the past at those street artists that bend both perspective and reality with their amazing chalk drawings, but this...
this guy paints himself. no re-touching, no photoshop. how do i know? well, it says so right here in the first line...

This guy paints himself, no kidding, no trick photography he just paints himself...
Especially check the last two pics ... they are amazing !!!

This one took me a minute . . . look VERY closely, he IS there

the argument now (between me and my nephew, mostly) is; which one is coolest? we're arguing over two--which one did you like?

oh, and again...thanks, alison!

the answers
to your
"five for friday!"
whatcha watchin'? edition

1. what does the 'v' stand for on the television series V?


2. in which city is the new medical drama trauma set?

san francisco

3. for how long did everybody around the world black out on the new show flashforward?

2 minutes, 17 seconds

4. where is walter's lab located on fringe?

harvard university

5. in what small indiana city does the series parks and recreation take place?


have a good monday~!
smell ya later~!


alison said...

I like best the falling down roof, the hole in the fence, and the guy holding him.

Have any of you ever seen sidewalk perspective art in person. Just wondering what they look like up close. they are very cool--at least on my computer.

Oh, and Todd, I forgot to tell you that the very fresh list you posted came to me from--my mother! lol

todd said...

al--your mom was ALWAYS cool!

and, actually, she had a lot to do with my very early interest in bigfoot and xeroxed off a copy of an article in reader's digest for me--which wasn't supposed to be done for students back then--that featured pictures taken from the legendary film. man, i cherished that article! give her my love and thank her for me!

Anonymous said...

All of them are amazing, but the coolest for me has to be the last one! It really got me. Loved it!

Keep this stuff coming Todd, Alison, Alison's mom :)

Brian said...

My vote goes for the last one with the front end loader as he truly was "invisible" in that one.

Brien said...

My favorite picture is the 2nd to last one where you see the other guy through him. I just think it is awesome that this kind of stuff exists in the world.

alison said...

Didn't know that about Mom and Bigfoot--wonder how many other kids she encouraged along on their strange and wonderful paths. (Even willing to break the law for them--copyright, that is.)