Wednesday, November 11, 2009

jason, jack, and the return of the mon5ter 5!


so, as craig and i are steadily working on the next perhapanauts story arc and i line up our terrifically talented artist friends (like matt wieringo, christian leaf, lauren monardo, leanne hannah, matt smith...) for the various--man, i don't like calling these 'back-up stories'...they are more like supporting stories...tangential stories--they really matter to the main storyline...okay, what if i call them "bonus tales!"...? "treats and treasures!"...? "perhapa-prizes"...?
i don't know. just know that the issues will have a main story by craig and will also feature stories that play off the main storyline that add more to that tale, give extra info, and new clues...
is that cool?

so, anyway, we're working on these, and i'm also kicking around the idea of a miniseries after that called "tales from the perhaps!", and jason armstrong and i are moving forward (finally! sorry, jason--didn't mean to take so long...) on some new mon5ter 5 stories.
and jason is funny.

with his incredibly dynamic layouts and storytelling style, it's no wonder that jason is such a jack kirby fan! i love working with jason 'cause his bold and brilliant charters jump right off the page in action sequences that you feel like you're actually IN!
but jason is also a comics historian and is always searching and studying, tracking down comic books and strips from years past, appreciating and absorbing the style of the masters of days gone by. he loves all of it and his passion is infectious.

so in preparation for some new mon5ter 5's--stories about a team of adventurers who were active in the late 50s and early 60s--jason found some awesome jack kirby stories from that period--a lot of the stuff he and stan did before stan decided to re-invent the superhero--and we've been looking at those to help us get the flavor, set the tone, and re-capture a time when sci-fi and fantasy comics were all the rage and movies like "the blob!", "the thing from another planet!", and "them!" kept the girls burying their faces in their boyfriends' shoulders at the local drive-ins!

i especially like the "i was-"s--with titles that riffed on the popularity of "i was a teenage werewolf!"
"i was a visitor in an alien aircraft!" or "i was the man who stopped time!" or "i was gonna eat that!"...
(maybe not that last one...)
here's a few...

makes ya wanna read the whole story, doesn't it?
well, ya can--go to;

and have fun!

that's it for now--
gotta go!
smell ya later!


Jason Copland said...

More Mon5ter 5! More "bonus tales!"! More Perhapanauts!!

Brian said...

I say call it the "Haps Double Feature"

As for Monster 5, yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!!! All great news, and those Kirby Monster stories are the best! Love Love Love em!

Warren said...

Woot! Monster 5 ftw!

And can you ever get enough Kirby goodness? I think not!