Monday, April 18, 2011

albany comic con and future appearances~!


i had a fantastic time at the always entertaining and engaging ALBANY COMIC CON yesterday and, though i never really had a chance to get up from my table and peruse the long and short boxes in the dealers section--this was, i think, the first ever convention i've gone to that i didn't come home with at least a couple of classic comics in my bag--it was SO GREAT to see so many friends and get a chance to hang out and catch up with everybody! adam and mike, anthony and bob, gid and jessica! got to spend a lot of time with my comic book soul-mate, walt, and peep some of the cool pages and artwork, my friends, jamie and luis picked up! it was a great day and though i had to send jamie out after them, i was able to grab just a couple pics of the costumed con-goers--enjoy~!

this very cute robin...

this stunning bloodrayne...

and this statuesque leia...


as con season gets underway, i guess it would be good to point out where i (and, in most cases, craig) am going to be, just in case you wanna come down and say hi!

first up on the crazy con itinerary is the boston show on april 30-may 1 in, y'know, boston.

craig has been hard at work on our latest perhapanauts one-sheet 'cause he was inspired to do one for each show that we go to showcasing one of that region's rather crypt-y co-inhabitants--! (see the other prints still available in our perhapa-store--including the recently re-visited SCREAMING TIKI print...!)

here's the not-quite-finalized PERHAPANAUTS BOSTON 2011 one-sheet featuring everyone's favorite Dover Demon!

i will also be hanging out at my old alma-mater--OCTOBER COUNTRY COMICS in new paltz ny--for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! saturday, may 7th! i'll be there with the whole gang; mike, bruce, john, jack, nick, et al--along with our pal, FRED HEMBECK!! it's gonna be a great day, so stop on by and get some free shwag!


and here are the
answers to your
"five for friday!"

1. with measurements of 19-19-19, what gangly cartoon character has been dating a navy man for over 50 years?

olive oil

2. what uniquely textured fabric features vertical ridges known as "wales"?


3. in an attempt to attract more german investors to the area, the (future capital) city of edwinton, north dakota was renamed what...?


4. for the past 30 years, cassandra peterson has been better known as what vampy late-nite movie host?


5. entomology is the study of what group of animals?


happy monday~!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Bingo! Five for Five. And what do we have for our lucky winner, Johnny?

An all expenses paid - by him - trip to the fabulous Boston Comic Con.


Anonymous said...

Please pen me in for Boston, ECCC and Screming Tiki 2.0 prints :)

Can't wait to see you guys.
Mike, Amy and I will be in Boston on Sunday.