Monday, April 04, 2011

some warm-ups...


first off; our pal, the renowned inker bob almond, asked if i would post this item here on the blog and i told him that i would be delighted to do so!

THE 2011 INKWELL AWARDS BALLOT IS NOW LIVE! IT WILL BE ACTIVE UNTIL APRIL 30 SO PLEASE VOTE! Spread the word - let everyone know the ballot is open and ready for your votes! You can click this link to vote (

thank you, bob~!


so apparently not many of you were checking the date on the calendar the other day when i wrote of my mishap with the tractor that came through my studio wall. but, ummm...i guess that coulda been better orchestrated...i apologize to anyone who was really worried and am here to let you know that all is well...


as regular readers of this blog may remember, some time last year i received, not only an awesome perhapanauts pin-up, but a couple of self-actualized perhapanauts pages from artist eric henson. (that means a story he was dreaming up in his head...and, as it turns out, a rather extensive story that features the haps coming face-to-face with eric's re-imagining of frankenstien's monster~~!!!) looking at his stuff, craig and i were thrilled when eric offered to do a back-up story for us and have been totally knocked out as those pages have rolled in, first in eric's sweet pencils, then inked by eric's friend, michael babinski! i'm not gonna show you those now, of course--maybe i'll give you a taste when we get closer to publishing--but eric was kind enough to share his warm-up sketches and layouts for his two pages with us and, 'cause i'm always so fascinated by the development of any artwork, i thought you might dig seein' 'em too~!

first, here are the two finished pages...

and the layouts...

and here are a couple character sketches to get the feel of the guys...

and a conan that eric threw in 'cause, dude--it's Conan!!

have a great monday~!
smell ya later~!


Rich Woodall said...

Awesome stuff!!! Can't wait to see the inks!

Matt Wieringo said...

Cooooool! Nice stuff.

By the way, Todd. Don't ever do that again! You didn't answer the phone that night. We drove halfway up to New York to make sure you were okay before we realized it was a joke.

todd said...

wait...really, matt?
oh, man--i am so sorry!
i was so sure that everyone would realize...

i'll never do it again.

Matt Wieringo said...

Ha! Of course not. But now I've gotten you back. Take it, sucka!

Brian said...

As you can see from my post in response, I was aware of the date, but you did such a convincing job, that you had me wishing on your behalf that it was just an April Fool's Day prank.

That, my friend, is good writing. Of course, given the source, that is no surprise.

Heywood Jablomie said...

oh man this stuff is awesome! i love the 'I pray to Crom but he doesn't listen to me.' Awesome! I was sick the last few days so I never got to check here since early last week, but nice job on the April Fool's! Glad nothing happened with the tractor and nice dick move on the Rick Roll! =)

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