Wednesday, April 27, 2011

come see us at the BOSTON COMIC CON~!!


i said the other day that i had lots to tell/show you this week and i do...
but i also have deadlines and appointments and yardwork and packing and a lot of stuff to do before i leave for craig's early friday morning, so i'm gonna save the cool stuff for friday and leave you all with something fun to look at over the weekend.

for today, in the spirit of short and sweet, i'm going to invite you all once again to come and see me and craig and rich and brian and haps colorist mike thomas and many more at the way-cool BOSTON COMIC CON this weekend at the hynes convention center in boston! we'll have the trades, the prints, the hats, the buttons, the shirts, and the news-for-'11 choopie butt cards! craig will be doing some commissions and i have been asked to do a sketch or two of my own...

though i've shown it before, the new perhapanauts one-sheet to commemorate this show features our old pal--and massachusetts own--dover demon~! dover is one of my all time favorite cryptids--and favorite characters in the perhapanauts world--and though it's been 34 years since he made his first (and last) appearance, i can assure you that he will be popping up in the pages of the haps in the not-too-distant future~!

here, then, is the final version of the print--which would look absolutely stunning framed and hanging in your den, don'tcha think...?

come and see us at the show--
and i'll leave you with some more cool stuff on friday!
smell ya later!

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Brian said...

Dibs on No. 50 says Old Man Mulcahy.