Friday, April 01, 2011

more about the tractor and my studio wall...

thanks for the concern, everybody...
since so many people are asking...

No matter how hard i try,
Eventually i come to the conclusion that
Virtually all of my friends
Experience the same
Reality but with varied recollections. i
Guess that if i
Owned up to my own
Naive interpretations i would
Notice that i am
About average when compared with
Guys my age;
I believe my morals and
Values are superior,
Even when challenged by wiser people, both
Younger and
Older. And that's the way we will continue,
Unless we make a concerted and
United effort to
Process these experiences together.
Nobody I know takes the time, however, to
Evaluate these
Visions and, as
Expected, they
Rarely possess the
Gravitas to express,
Openly, the
Notion that they comprehend
Neither time or our
Ability to quantify it
Literally. a time for
Examination might lead us to
Truths too unsettling for us to face.
Yet there are still many too eager to
Offer their opinion on the matter,
Unflinching details of bad
Decisions and disastrous
Occasions that they dump on us
Without mercy, their own
Nihilistic tendencies given flight.


Warren said...

Did you write this? I want this in big yellow letters on a huge velvet black light poster with a mountain and a flying unicorn in the background.

Walt said...

Oh, I get it.
Read the first letter of each line.
April Fool's, Todd! That was awesome!

Matt Wieringo said...

Dude. Did you just Rick Roll us?