Wednesday, April 06, 2011

on my desktop...


since everybody dug seeing the evolution of eric's pencils the other day, i'll be posting more of that on friday...

but, as i'm busy and really don't have that much to talk about, here are some of the images that i have currently filling up space on my desktop for some reason or another...

the AWESOME darwyn cooke poster for the upcoming boston show that matt sent to christian, craig, and me with all kindsa matt-drool all over it. god, matt--get a room!

of course, ALL calvin and hobbes is great--but just look at that hobbes in that last panel! could any other artist convey such joy and unbridled mask-wearing?!

...although there is also nothing quite like a beautiful bob montana archie comic circa 1959 with those wonderfully expressive round faces and a veronica and betty that are too gorgeous for words...!

did anybody else have one of these? i think that in my young life i had at least three of these over the years, usually as a little gift in my easter basket and then my brother and i would go outside and, even though the packaging explicitly stated to keep away from eyes and face, we'd go for the head shots.
good times.

not my actual car, but one really like my first car. given to me by my grandfather, it smelled of cigar smoke and windex. a converted cop car, it had a 440 engine that could jump to a hundred in the blink of an eye and could sleep six comfortably. i called her bessie.

again, not my actual car--and mine never got this dirty--but this was the awesome display and steering column the thing had--my dash was a dark brown leather and the steering wheel, with that cool half-ring horn, was translucent! what a beautiful car that was...

just some stuff for wednesday!
now get back to work~
smell ya later~!