Friday, April 08, 2011

the evolution of a perhapanauts pin-up


as i said the other day, i love to see a drawing (or sculpture or painting or ANY work of art) take shape, and since so many of you commented on the pages i posted of eric's stuff, i thought i'd show you the various stages of the perhapanauts pin-up he did for us last year...

watch as the piece goes from a layout, with some of the details already taking real shape...

as elements of the design are tried...

and changed...

the characters becoming fuller, truly fleshed out, as eric's lush pencils give them form and weight...
( 'cept for molly, of course...ghost. )

the downside of comics is that, sometimes, when an artist puts this much time and effort--not to mention talent--into an awesome piece like this, you often lose the sweet shadings and sweep of the pencil when the inks and the color are added. i really dug these pencils and wanted to be sure everybody got a look at that aspect of the pin-up.

thanks for sharing these with us, eric--
(eric is currently turning in some absolutely fantastic pages for a perhapanauts back-up which will appear in our upcoming perhapanauts miniseries, out later this year~!)


my new favorite photo.
i didn't see it at first, but when i did,
i laughed really hard.


this kid is just genius. that's all.


and here are your
"five for friday!"

1. what band of intrepid sleuths traveled around solving mysteries in the "mystery machine"?

2. who was the first athlete to appear on a box of wheaties?

3. in what film did legendary actors robert deniro and al pacino play father and son?

4. the building of what cut the journey from new york to san francisco by 8,000 miles...?

5. small roles
in theater there is an expression, "there are no small parts, only small actors." meaning that a good actor can make the most of even the tiniest role. it can also mean, 'get over yourself...'
here is a list of small parts, roles in films/tv shows with little/minimal screen time and a list of the actors who played them.
pair them up.

1. jack sparrow's father

2. stoner on the couch in true romance

3. the 'wrong' private ryan in saving private ryan

4. the organ player at the wedding in kill bill 2

5. jeep driver in band of brothers

a. nathan fillion

b. jimmy fallon

c. keith richards

d. brad pitt

e. samuel l. jackson

that's it from me!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later~!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Homina! Homina! Homina! That's one fine pin-up, Eric!

Eric Henson said...

Thank you Todd (for posting and for being a fantastic friend)and thank you Christian! I'm truly honored!!! The completed version will "debut" later this year! Blessings to you both!

Matt Wieringo said...

Great work, Eric! I love Choopie!


1. Scooby Doo and Co.
2. Maximus
3. Godfather II
4. Umm...the railroad?
5-1. (c) Keith Richards
5-2. (d) Brad Pitt
5-3. (a) Nathan Fillion (I see you read Entertainment Weekly too.)
5-4. (e) Samuel L. Jackson
5-5. (b) Jimmy Fallon

Brian said...

Nice work, Eric.

On to the five for friday.

1. Mystery Inc.

2. ?

3. Godfather II - Bonus points if you know that Brando and DeNiro both won Oscars for playing the character.

4. Panama Canal


1. C

2. D

3. A.

4. E

5. B


Warren said...

1. Scooby and the gang.
2. Johnny Weismuller.
3. Godfather 2
4. Panama Canal.
5. 1c
2d (guessing)
3a (guessing)
5b (guessing)

Jason Copland said...

I love seeing an artist`s process, too. Great stuff, Eric!

Eric Henson said...

Thank you everyone! You all are too kind!