Sunday, November 19, 2006

a weeks worth of thanks and don kelly


well, as the title of this little blog suggests, i've realized in recent years that the holiday season seems to go too fast. always griping about how the stores get their decorations and advertisings and sales out WAY too early--to my mind it should be illegal until just after thanksgiving--this year i'm not letting it get me. as a matter of fact, i think i'm embracing it a bit. we NEED to get into the spirit of the holidays, of giving and sharing and smiling and putting away petty differences. personally, i have SO much to be thankful for and i don't wanna let this thanksgiving go by without acknowledging that and hopefully telling the people i care about how i feel.
okay, blah, blah, blah--you know what i mean. you've heard it before. prob'ly even said it before.
but, anyway, here's what i'm gonna do. and if anyone else feels like they wanna do it too, then i'm glad i wrote about it.
tonight--that's sunday for me, but it could be monday or tuesday, whenver you read this--i'm gonna sit in the dark in my living room, with my dog in my lap, and i'm just gonna list all the friends and family i have, the people who, whether i ever call on them or not, i know would be there for me in a heartbeat. i'm gonna list all the great things i have in my life--just watching one of those (guilt-inducing) christian children's fund commercials will help you remember just how good you got it. and finally, i'm gonna list a buncha things that i'm going to do to better myself. or my friends. or someone i don't even know.
i'm gonna be thankful.
i've got a whole week to work on it.

that said, one of the things that i am ALWAYS thankful for is being able to tell stories, especially with craig, and especially for you. there are many other places where we would never have the opportunity to do the perhapanauts and i feel very fortunate that we've been able to do what we have. i'm also thankful for YOU--whether you're a fan of our crazy crytozoological team or you just happened to stumble on this blog and have nothing better to do with your time--thanks for reading!

someone who DOES have better things to do with his time, but reads our book anyway, is don a. kelly. don is an artist/cartoonist based in new england and just the other day posted a sketch he did of our molly over on his blog! craig forwarded it over to me and, as i've said many times before, it's an absolutely wonderful feeling to see other people's versions of your characters, to know that they liked them enough to take the time and draw them. i had every intention of posting his molly here, but thought that that would take away the incentive for you to go over to don's blog and check out all of his other wonderful stuff! he has a style that's a lot of fun and you can see his love of comics in his work!

so check it out--here's his e-ddress--

and that's it for today!
perhapanauts:second chances #2 is s'posed to be out this week--are the books coming in on tuesday or wednesday? i dunno.

since i didn't want to post don's picture here--go check it out already, will ya!--
here's a picture of jake sleeping in his bed...

smell ya later!


DonKelly said...

Thanks for the plug Todd.
Been digging the 'Haps 2nd series.
Keep up the great work. I could see this as a cool animated series one day. Better yet some kickin' action figures to decorate my desk with.

Brian said...

Animated series, action figures . . I like the way this guy thinks as well as draws.

todd said...

thanks for the kind words, don!
second chances #2 will be out today and hopefully that'll give everybody something fun to read as the tryptiphane kicks in. : )
and as brian says, action figures? from your mouth to mezo's ears!

todd said...

well, dark horse has (or had) a deal with mezco, so...if enough people wrote in and told them that they should make them...

Anonymous said...

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