Wednesday, February 06, 2008



so, i still can't get over how really great this site looks. kieran did a phenomenal job!
i love it! hope you've taken some time to check it out...

we told IMAGE that we were hoping for a little publicity, well...

as we continue to build toward the release of our first image issue--The PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL #1--craig and i find ourselves in a veritable whirlwind of publicity!! joe keatinge at image has arranged for the perhapanauts to be seen in so many places on so many levels that we are really left wondering how he does it?! (we think that he is a robot, a living computer capable of accessing countless comic book news feeds and bending them to his mighty will...) (but that's just us; there could be another explanation...) we couldn't be happier with the coverage our little book has been getting!

craig and i have been besieged by people seeking interviews about the book, some of them by long time friends in the industry, some arranged by joe, and others from people who have just heard about the book and are keen to find out more! seriously--it seems we been inundated with hundreds--no, thousands, of interview requests in the past two months.
i have responded to them all.
craig has

no, i'm joking.
he's done two.

well, one and a half...

actually, i'm no dummy. i try as hard as i can to field these questions and interviews, to shield craig from that part of the process, because craig does ALL of the heavy lifting on this book.
oh, it's not all fun and games coming up with these little stories for him to draw--and it can be REAL WORK to get the characters to do what you want and make it all come together--but craig's the one that makes it all come to life! he's the one that brings the magic! (and, of course, rico comes in with his own bit of magic to charge it all up a little more...!) and so i don't want to let anything interrupt him in that, don't want to take him away from makin' that magic.

so, lots of interviews.
and i'm not complaining. man, we are so lucky to have so many reporters interested in what we're doing and who we are and--and this is what i was getting at...or trying to--who the PERHAPANAUTS are... every interview invariably starts with the question; "for readers who don't know, who are the perhapanauts?"
oh, its a great question. and the one any good journalist would and should start with. and, really, its a wonderful opportunity for me to be creative and give the reader an exciting look at who are characters are and what they as a team are all about.
but after responding to that question for the, i think, twentieth time, you start to look at it differently. "wow. what would be a new way to describe this team, these characters, this book?" i try desperately not to be repetitious. should i try to be more literal? more mysterious and vague? more tantalizing? funnier?

whichever way i go now, it really doesn't matter. as with the book itself, i try to give as much as i can to each question. i give it my full attention and do my best. i look at each and every story on us and interview and review as a chance to reach some new readers with our crew of crazy, creepy cryptids and try to let them know that each and every issue will be full of surprises.

hey, "crew of crazy, creepy cryptids"!? maybe that should be my new answer for that question...? maybe a little too "stan" on the alliteration, but...

gotta go!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Look at you two packing heat on that cover. Didn't know you were a Dirty Harry type, Todd. (Craig I can easily see that though. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.)

Very much looking forward to the Annual (when's it's out again? I thought it was today, but didn't see it on the shipping list) and new series. Also very pleased that you guys are getting the attention and support that you richly deserve. Cheers, lads.

Brian said...

Congratulations Todd, Craig and Rico, it couldn't happen to a nicer group of guys or a better book.

Scott Weinstein said...

That's great about all the interviews. Keep us updated on when they get posted/printed/aired/streamed/psionically projected... whatever

Not that I have any experience with publicity, but as a reader of those sites I'd say don't over-think the description of the Perhaps. Keep it literal. You may think you're being repetitive, but it may be the first time a reader is hearing about the series. And the clearer you are about what it is. The more interested they will be. At least that's what happens when I read about new series.

Anonymous said...

The suspense of waiting for the Annual is killing me.
Your telling us about all the publicity and interviews only makes it more suspenseful.

As Scott said, remember to give us a heads up when the interviews come out.

LOL - Leaf called you Dirty Harry.
" Do you feel lucky, punk?" "Well, Do you?" LOL

Heywood Jablomie said...

I love that cover. I saw it on C!'s page and go a kick out of it. Can't wait to read the accompanying story in that one!

I wanna read more interviews, so keep them coming. Just let us know where they're at. I like the crazy, cryptid crew remark!!

And I second about the release date of the annual-anyone know when for sure it's coming out? I thought it was supposed to be today as well.

craig rousseau said...

due to a slight mix-up with image, the new ship date for the annual is now... the 27th of february. d'oh.

but on the bright side, now there's a shorter wait until the regular #1...

Warren said...

I'm really looking forward to the new run. The new site looks great. It's gonna be a good year for you guys! Seeya in Charlotte in June!

alison said...

t - great on the publicity - really great! as for the alliteration, i think 'creepy' doesn't quite belong there, well, okay, maybe for hammerskold. and on the new annual ship date - i dare ya, no, double dare ya - just try and blame it on me.