Wednesday, February 27, 2008

secret secrets


shay, jake, and i had an awesome--though woefully short--visit at the rousseaus this weekend. got to play with the kids and have our own belated christmas and experience the wonderful world through the questions and commentary of a three year old!
"jake is very smart."
"yes, he is."
"i think he could turn a light off and on."
"i bet he could."
"if he had a ladder."

and a comment so zen, so very very true, that i think big could very well use it in an upcoming issue--"today is today."

got to hang with craig a bit and watch the cover to perhapanauts 3 come alive under his gifted inks--as well as a couple of pages--and we discussed long into the night how to get more retailers to take a chance on our little book (something i'll discuss at greater length in the very near future...) sharon and i just don't know how he and trish do it. we only spent a few hours with the kids and were just exhausted. and then craig went to work after they were in bed!?! i was bushed!!

had a great time though.

but then we had to shoot right back home, making us all kinda sad and wishing that we lived closer.
or had a teleporter.
or a sweet pneumatic tube set-up between here and there just like they have in BEDLAM.

thanks for the great time, brother!
sharon and i still don't know how you do it...


it's been a few weeks now that the new site has been up and i ask you...have you looked around?

i mean, really?

i mean, i am STILL just amazed and hypnotized by all the wonderful things that kieran did with this place! the layout and design are just so pretty. and sure, there are many of the same old places; galleries and the store and the blog and whatnot, dressed up a lot nicer, a lot cleaner...

but have you REALLY looked around?

have you found any of...the secrets?

if so, no one's said anything about it.

and i guess that's all I'M gonna say...


we still have plenty of big things happenin' here at haps central and more cool things to announce over the next couple of weeks! we're just firming them up and making sure that we don't have TOO many cool things happening all at once. y'know...?

and because i always like to include a (wacky, crazy) picture or two, here are three that alison sent me a while back that i thought looked both creative and delicious...

and here's a picture of a balloon that looks like the vader.

s'all for now!
smell ya later!


Brian said...


Glad to hear you guys had a great time.

Carmine Infantino is doing the Boston Comic Con on March 16th and Cliff Chang is coming to town for Dave's shoe on April 13th if you need an excuse to swing back this way.

As for surprises on the site, maybe I already am familiar with everything 'Haps or maybe I'm just the worst easter egg hunter ever, but I couldn't find anything I thought of as a surprise, but I'll keep looking.

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd-
Glad to hear it went well w/the Rousseaus.
I know that feeling of the trip back. Got a friend that lives 4 hours away and that pneumatic tube would sure come in handy.

Like Brian, I too haven't found anything surprising. I even did some hunting just now.
Funny thing about secrets, I have thought that it would be cool to include some hidden dossiers of the detectives (you and Craig)that are on the mock up cover of Haps #2.

Well now you've got me very curious so I'll keep shaking the bushes to see if anything falls out.

Bill Nolan said...

The only thing I could find was the Choopie Got Blood ad (from the back cover of the annual). I'm not good at this stuff...

Brian said...

I can claim no credit for this as it turns out it's printed right in the back of the C.R.I.C.K.E.T. training manual, and I don't have to tell you guys that the C.R. stands for Curious and Resourceful, but you guys might want to check out the Cantele Self-Storage link on the main page and check the storage unit doors to see if any are "open."

alison said...

Oh my, Brian, I think you have found a mother lode - though I must admit my heart is racing in a mini panic attack and I'm finding it difficult to breathe... let me take you back...

'Twas a time when all the world was awaiting the highly anticipated unveiling of a newly reconstructed web site of a newly picked up for monthly publication comic series. Oh, how the masses repeatedly held their collective breath then gasped just before passing out as the series creators teased all of humanity into a frenzy of anticipation for the big day.

Then, early one morning, one little curious soul stumbled upon a link that opened what looked for all the world like something new - something everyone else was only dreaming of - and she could not leave well enough alone. She clicked here, she clicked there, drinking of the artful wonder before her. And then it stopped. Her clicks produced nothing new, nor could she return to the wonders she had just soaked up. Alas, she turned away, back to her grey world of everyday, but still aglow with the adventure, zipped an e to the one who authored that new world (not to be confused with the one who technologically brought it to life) and told him of her dazzling journey and warned him of the unfruitful clicking. Afterall, the big day of unveiling was swiftly approaching.

Then lo, to her dismay, in reply she learned that by clicking around in a temporarily closed down new world, she had messed it up and the unveiling would be postponed by almost a week. She contemplated the "cut along dotted line" on the inside of her wrist - tattooed there for even Pollyanna has her moments - and this particular moment lasted a full day. It was only as evening fell that she was gently and apologetically notified that unfortunately sarcasm does not translate via certain communication avenues and the disaster was, in fact, a joke, and hey, k is thrilled that you like his work.

Crying tears of relief, the whole earth would NOT hate her, our curious little soul inwardly vowed to hence foward stay on the beaten path.

But what do we find now, a directive to stray from said path, to discover a world of secrets hidden away in a world of wonder?

As I said, Brian, I'm having a mini panic attack, but I'm right behind you on this path of adventure. Just be careful where you tread - and even more careful whom you tell where you've been.


todd said...

oh, moan, moan, moan...

i merely thought i'd tease you for being impatient and poking around where you weren't s'posed to be and instead sent you into a spiraling downward tailspin...

i am SO sorry.
i did not mean to prey on your kind nature and innocence. i apologize.

there. i said it in public.

(it was kinda funny though...)

Brian said...


I love you and your writing, but sorry man, from now on Alison should do all the 'Haps press releases, especially the one for the eagerly awaited Molly and the C.R.I.C.K.E.T.S one shot.


P.S. Round about now I'd say you're wondering what Mephisto will charge to make the world forget a certain member of the Bedlam security staff. ; )

alison said...

nice to make you moan, t, um, never mind, that doesn't sound quite right..

anyway, i'm just getting some mileage out of a good joke at this point - all is well in my world and no more sorries are necessary. love you tons, though you may not have heard the end of this - when you least expect it...

Anonymous said...

The one place I would not have checked. (Thanks for the tip, Brian):o)

Kieran ROCKS!

Adam Hutch said...

Neat Easter Eggs! I noticed the storage unit ad but it didn't register with me. I remember thinking, "huh, that's a weird thing to be advertising for."