Wednesday, February 13, 2008

roger's review


so, here we are.
as we sit here, all of us, waiting anxiously, patiently for the annual to drop--i know that I can't wait--we have teased you and taunted you with the cover, of course, and a few preview pages and talk of some of the really exciting things we have planned for the 'haps in the very near future, i don't know whether this is good promotion or just more torment, but i should let you know that there are people out there--individuals quietly walking among us--who have actually READ the annual already!!

due entirely to the courageous actions of IMAGE Comics' own, joe keatinge, many retailers and comics-related news sources were treated to early preview copies of the book for the sole purpose of getting them onboard for the wave of perhapamania that is about to sweep the nation~!

the reviews have been very, VERY good.

of course, some of those people were our friends. and one of those friends in particular, our good pal, ROGER ASH, over at Westfield Comics, dropped us a letter that made c and i feel so good that we just had to share it with all of you.

NOTE: while there are no spoilers in roger's letter, he does make reference to the scene that i posted here just the other day, and even if you didn't read it, saving it for later, the letter still doesn't spill any beans. enjoy!

Hi Todd & Craig,

I just read the preview of the Perhapanauts Annual that Image sent. Holy crap! I feel exhausted, but in a good way. Very exciting, very scary, and very funny all in – what – 28 pages? The art was lovely, as always, (well, except for the gory bits, but they weren’t meant to be), and the Jersey Devil was really pretty frightening. But even with all the exciting stuff going on, my favorite scene was the one in Big’s room with Big, Molly & Choopie. It was a great character moment both in terms of writing and in the body language and facial expressions. And gave some interesting insights into both Big & Choopie. “I’m still stupid.” Hehehehehe! Actually, you planted a lot of seeds about the characters throughout the story that I’m interested in seeing where you go with them.
If you’ll allow me to get “preachy” for a moment, this is really the kind of comic I like and that I’ve been missing. You have both the big action stuff and the character moments - all at the same time!! If you needed to impart information, you did so in a very natural way and the story kept moving instead of stopping for a “we must tell you something important” moment. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed it. Have a good weekend!


Roger Ash
Content Editor, Worlds of Westfield

thanks, roger!
that made it all worth while!
if everyone enjoys the book half as much, we'll be delighted!

and here's a great winter-time calvin and hobbes

now get back to work!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

Cool. It's a very good time to be a Perhapa-nut.

And thanks for posting that 'toon. I love that one too. Calvin always forgot that payback's a bitch.

Adam Hutch said...

I miss Calvin and Hobbes.

T-Minus two weeks till the Annual hits.

According to Diamond I will get to pick up your Spider-Man Family issue to hold me over, but probably not today cause of the weather...

Scott Weinstein said...

That's a great review. I can't wait for the issue to hit stands.

alison said...

i feel like i am just about to bust with excitement - like waiting for christmas morning. great note and sure it is just the start of glowing notes and reviews.

Brian said...

Matt, I really like that "Perhapa-nut" you came up with and think it would look real good on a t-shirt.

That's a great review guys and I hope it will mean a prominant spot for the 'Haps in the next Westfield Comics mailing.

The 27th cannot bet here fast enough.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Here here I second the 'Perhapa-nut' idea! Still can't wait for the book.

Ahhhhh, Calvin was such a great strip!

Anonymous said...


NOW my mouth is watering just thinking aboout that annual.
Great review from Roger.

Calvin & Hobbes: One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE strips (I have a couple of their books).

I agree with Brian; that "Perhapa-nut" from Matt would be great on a t-shirt. Throw in the "plays well with otters" logo & I'll order 2 of them.(hint, hint)