Friday, February 08, 2008

cold as ice


cold here the past three days. gray and freezing rain and ice.

for me, that's great writing weather! no bright sunshine and green grass to lure me outside and away from the keyboard. jake, of course, insists on at least one good long walk a day, so i get out...

but i've been having a great time playing with the perhapanauts and i can't wait until we can get that annual out and this monthly gig goin'!! (as craig mentioned in the comments section the other day, due to a mix up at image, the annual, which was scheduled for the beginning of this month, is now coming out at the end. the bad news is...well, that was the bad news. the good news is that the wait for issue one to come out will be that much shorter! sweet!

gotta go and get back to it!
we'll have yet another special announcement right here next monday as we build to the launch of the all new PERHAPANAUTS!

and here are your

"five for friday"

1. what was the wrecking ball for the brady's house of cards?

2. in the who's 1975, tommy, who played the specialist brought in to cure tommy's afflictions?

3. how many days in a leap year?

4. what breed of dog is snoopy?

5. stephen king section
give the title of the stephen king novel or short story from the following descriptions:

a. a hotel with a haunted history possesses a man to murder his family

b. the end of the world comes not with a bang but a bad cell phone message

c. a car that isn't a car but may be a portal to another dimension

d. the end of the world comes not with a bang but a bad case of the flu

e. four young boys go on an adventure to see a dead body

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Nice on the ice, Todd. Yikes. My 'rents got 14.5" of snow the other day and I called to rub it in that we had the windows open and were wearing shorts. I do not miss living in the Midwest.

For the Fiver:
1. Dunno.
2. I should know, but can't remember.
3. 366 days
4. I wanna say Beagle, but that doesn't sound right.
5a. The Shining
5b. Cell
5c. From A Buick 8
5d. The Stand (Though he did have a couple other tales of Super Flu scenarios.)
5e. The Body (or Stand By Me in the theaters)

Colin said...

1. Tiger?

2. dunno

3. 366

4. Beagle


a. The Shining

b. Cell

c. From a Buick 8

d. The Stand

e. The Body (AKA Stand By Me)

Bill Nolan said...

I'm ashamed that I can't remember the answer to #1...

Adam Hutch said...

Todd are those iced over power lines from your neck of the woods? Wow.

1- I wanna say it was the dog, but not 100% sure.
2-Beats Me
3-366 Days
a)The Shining
d)The Stand
e)The Body

alison said...

great photo, todd, reminds me of those freezing your nostrils closed kinds of days. and jake is crazy - definitely looks like stay cozy inside weather.

craig rousseau said...

special announcement?!

whoopie doo!

i'd better check back on monday...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Is that a picture you took yourself?
Pretty to look at, but glad I don't live in it.

1. ?
2. can't remember
3. 366
4. Beagle
(he's also a WWI flying ace):)
5.a. the Shining
b. ?
c. Christine? (I don't think so)
d. The Stand (1st SK I ever read)
e. The Body (movie was called "Stand By Me")

Heywood Jablomie said...

Yowser!! Is that really what things are looking like up by you??? I want snow here, but not that kind!

Kinda leary on the five-fer:
1. Tiger?
2. ????
3. 366
4. He's a beagle blockhead!!
5. A. The Shining
D. The Stand

Brian said...

Quote from Craig Rousseau:

"special announcement?!

whoopie doo!

i'd better check back on monday..."


On to the five for friday

1. ?

2. Didn't see the movie, but the Broadway musical was great.

3. 366

4. Beagle

(a) The Shining
(b) ?
(c) "I could have driven a V8"
(d) The Stand (just guessing, I'm afraid to read it because if I fall asleep even the abridged version would crush me.)
(e) The Body - (Film: Stand By Me and say, wouldn't it be nice if every "fat kid" turned out like Jerry O'Connell)

Unknown said...

Nice pic, Todd. Hope you don't get any power outtages as a result of all that beautiful ice.

Here's my crack at this...
1. Stumped me...
2. Keith Moon?
3. 366 days
4. Beagle
5a. The Shining
5b. Cell
5c. From a Buick 8
5d. The Stand (audio book version narrated by Frank Muller is awesome, btw.)
5e. The Body (but Stand by Me was the movie, and so good...)


renecarol said...

I had a few days off work this week and it was in the high 70s all those days. That never happens to me. Normally I'm off when it is cold and stuck inside all day when its nice and warm out. It was beautiful weather to be outside running. I got a bit of a shock today when I walked outside in short sleeves and its 60 degrees and windy.

izzie said...

Couldn't resist a Stephen King challenge. Love the new site!

1. charm bracelet - i think it was Jan's
2. ???
3. 366 days
4. Beagle
5a. The Shining
5b. Cell
5c. From a Buick 8
5d. The Stand
5e. The Body