Friday, February 22, 2008

ART ADAMS--Exclusive Cover to PERHAPANAUTS #1!!


art adams--
i've loved art's work since the longshot series when he drew one of the coolest looking new characters to come outta marvel in a long time, the wildest aliens, and a she-hulk that was sexier than she had ever been before!
then he was doing the x-men, the x-babies, and mojo! his "creature from the black lagoon" book from dark horse and godzilla! then monkeyman and o'brien! gumby and jonni future and all those awesome jlApes covers for dc!
(just to name a few...)
i have several of his sketchbooks--they are treasures!

when mike and i were dreaming of who we would love to have draw our tellos characters for a special cover, art's name was at the top of the list! and he did it! and it was...gorgeous.

ten years later, as craig and i dreamed of who we'd love to have draw our perhapanauts, art's name was still at the top of the list.
and he did it.

man, did he do it!

just as with the tellos cover, this is so much more than craig and i could have ever dreamed of!
thanks, art! SO much!
for the stunning cover, for sharing your incredible talent, for being such a nice guy!

johanna draper carlson has this great website called "COMICS WORTH READING", and if you don't already frequent it, you should. i met johanna years ago, when i was just coming in to comics and she was reporting and cavorting at conventions, establishing a relationship with the industry and beginning her career as a comics reviewer and consumer advocate in a business that desperately needed both. she is fair and honest in her reviews and recommendations and always displays the sort of journalistic integrity that is oftimes lacking in the comics community.

johanna is also friend, a person i really enjoy speaking with at conventions and also happens to be married to my pal, kc carlson. but don't let that make you think that that sways her one bit in our favor. though a fan of the 'haps, one of the things i like most about johanna is how direct she will be with me if something falls flat or doesn't work for her. i trust her and consider her comments whenever she and i talk. she's great!

that said, please enjoy her glowing review of the PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL #1! it's got a minor spoiler or two, so if you haven't read the book yet...WHAT THE HELL...?!

and while you're over there, check out johanna's other reviews and commentary on the site!
you should be checking it everyday!

and here is your

"five for friday"

1. according to legend, what was the name of the woman who originally summoned the Jersey Devil?

2. how many werewolves in the Art Adams cover to PERHAPANAUTS #1? (don't look, chump!)

3. big has a scar on his left forearm. how'd he get it?

4. what is the name of the nexus of all time and reality that karl took blue team into in PERHAPANAUTS: Second Chances #4?

5. name the 4 BEDLAM operatives on red team.

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Sweet Merry Christmas, that is one incredible cover. Congrats all around on that baby and I must officially recall my "Dibs" as the Mrs. would much prefer that I pay the mortgage this year.

On to the five for Friday.

1. Mrs. Leeds

2. 4 - and I didn't look until after.

3. I think the Dover Demon grabbed him on the arm.

4. The Perhaps

5. The Merrow - my new favorite, Hammerskod - who is growing on me, Keith - who sports a rocking beard, and Officer Mulcahy - thanks for the promotion guys, you don't know what it means to me.

Christian D. Leaf said...

There's a whole lotta hot links going on in the second half of your post, Todd. Don't know if you meant that it happen or not.

That said, YOWZA! That is one lush, gorgeous cover. Can't stop staring at it. Probably won't get anything done at work today because of it, so when I'm canned I'm coming to sleep on your sofa.

Also, that X-Babies Annual Art did was my favorite. I tried to draw lil' Wolverine so many times from that book and never captured an ounce of the life that Art put into 'em. With Godzilla I didn't bother trying...

As to the Fiver:
1. Drawing a blank at the moment.
2. Four werewolves
3. I'm guessing the katana hanging on his wall.
4. I think it was called The Perhaps.
5a. Merrow
5b. Hammerskold
5c. Plasma Guy
5d. Electric Guy (Sorry, drawing a blank again.)

Bill Nolan said...

Man, where are you going to put the logo on that cover?!? Amazing! Lotsa boobs, too... interesting... typical of his Jonni Future style.

Anonymous said...

That cover is AWESOME!
Way to go Art.

For some reason, i'm drawing a blank on the answers to 5er. I think my head is too full to separate all the facts.

I'll just go back and count the werewolves, then sit back and see everyone else's answers.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Anonymous said...

the answer to the werewolf question is NOT 4, but I looked.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Jiminy sweet boobs that's a droolworthy cover if there ever was one!!!!! Man, now I haveta make sure I get me one of them thar covers, as well as C!'s. Just WOW!!!!!

As fer the five-fer:
1. We locals call her Mama Leeds!

2. I thought 4, then I looked.

3. Dover Demon?

4. The Perhaps!

a. Hammerskold
b. Merrow
c. Keith or Kevin, can't remember
d. Drawing a blank here!

Chris said...

Wow....Just WOW!!!!

What an amazing cover!!

Anonymous said...

An amazing cover for what I'm sure will be a great book!!!!

Unknown said...

That is one awesome cover! Would have loved to have seen the look on your face when you first glanced at it.

Lovin' seeing the 'Nauts on that shiny new Image paper. And I gotta say, growing up in Jersey, the idea of the Jersey Devil used to scare the bee-jeezus out of me. Thanks for stirring up all those childhood terrors for me... :)

Congrats to you and Craig!!!

Brian said...

Dang, you're right, them werewolves are sneaky.

Just notice a little of Art's Telsa in Arisa, which to my mind, is kinda' cool.

todd said...

this is from our pal, kc--
thanks, man, for the very kind words!


Yikes! What a day...

Meant to do this MUCH earlier, but...

I just wanted to congratulate you and Craig on the release of the
Annual! I've been amazed at how much attention you guys have been
getting with the relaunch -- all of it very much deserved. It couldn't

happen to two nicer -- and more talented -- guys!

Haven't seen the actual printed book yet (hopefully Friday), but from
what I've seen, it's a truly wonderful work that's gonna grab and drag

folks right into the series! I sense major things for you guys this
time around.

I am so tired right now that words are failing me... I am SO happy for

you both!


Anonymous said...

So...You guys thinking of turning Mr. Adams piece into a poster?

You lucky guys, you!