Friday, March 14, 2008

gnome in argentina


our good pal, mike estelle, sent this over to me this morning, saying that he found it both funny and creepy. me too, mike, though a bit more creepy and a bit less funny. just looking at the photo gave me the willies!
(of course, i could take the same picture by stealing mrs. kinnard's garden gnome from next door and getting it a little drunk. or me. or both.)
here ya go...

Argentinian "gnome" scaring the bejezus out of kids
A gnome is walking the streets of Salta, Argentina at night, and he scaring the town's children.

A town in South America is living in fear after several sightings of a "creepy gnome" that locals claim stalks the streets at night. The midget -- which wears a pointy hat and has a distinctive sideways walk -- was caught on video last week by a terrified group of youngsters. ... "One of my friends was so scared after seeing that thing that we had to take him to the hospital."



we announced it over here, and i was gonna post all of the entries on the blog but there are just too many of them, and so may i direct you to hit the "forum" link up above and wander over to the perhapanauts message boards where you will find the topic "how about a drawing jam?" posted by the talented mr. don kelly. click on that link and you'll find yourself surrounded by all kindsa perhapanaut-goodness--some really great pictures and sketches and...when's the deadline again? i'd better get moving on my own (crappy) picture...
just come by to look, or grab a pencil and join in! we'd love to see what you want to do!
okay, well, here's one...!
(mostly 'cause blogger's not letting me upload any more...)
rich woodall


the first issue was finally put to bed, late last night/early this morning and will be in stores on april 16th as promised (barring, of course, any unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances...) craig and rico did an incredible job on it and we're hopin' you dig it the most!


and here, 'cause you asked
so nicely, are your

"five on friday"
deserted island edition

1. what was the name of his aboriginal companion in daniel defoe's robinson crusoe?

2. what william golding novel served as a study of human civilization and featured a group of boys on an island with a conch shell?
(extra bonus question: what did the shell symbolize?)
(nah--i'm just messin' with ya...)

3. what was the name of the volleyball in the tom hanks film, castaway?

4. what is hurly's real name on lost?

5. name the seven stranded castaways here on gilligan's isle.
oh, and their real names...








how's that?
have a kickin' weekend!
smell ya later!


Adam Hutch said...

The jam's going great over on the forums guys. Rich, that Mothman looks awesome!

Five for Friday:
1) ???
2) Lord of the Flies
3) Wilson
4) Hugo Reyes
a: Giligan
b: Skipper
c: Professor
d: Marianne
e: Ginger
f: Thurston Howell the Third
g: "Lovey" Howell

Brian said...

1. Friday, because nobody likes Mondays.

2. Lord of the Flies - which is a bit of a double entendre when you think of any group of men competing over something.

3. Wilson

4. It's not Hurly?


A. Mary Ann - Dawn Wells (Though she might have to change to Mary Jane now.

B. Ginger - Tina Louise. She stayed at the hotel where I worked once, in town to film a horror movie, and man was she hypervigilant about avoiding the sun, even kept the shades in her room drawn during the day.

c. The Skipper - Somethin Hale.

d. Gilligan - Bob Denver

e. Thurston Howell, III - Jim Backus

f. Lovie Howell - ?

G. The Professor - ?

Christian D. Leaf said...

That Gnome is creepy as hell. I wanna see the video of him walking and maybe go to the hospital, too.

As I was late to the party (read: The Fiver) I'll just add that the Skipper's real name is Alan Hale, Jr.

alison said...

i think it is definitely the gnome doing the drinking - what a hoot! i lean toward the more funny than scary on this one, after all, i don't see fangs or anything, so what's the worse it can do, kick the daylights out of my big toe?

finally - a five on friday that i feel somewhat intelligent about.

"five on friday"
deserted island edition

1. Man Friday

2. Lord of the Flies

3. Wilson

4. The actor's name is something Garcia, the character is, oh shoot, does it start with an f?

5. no real names, all identities are to be protected




d.Mr. Howell

e.Mrs. Howell

f.Mary Ann


Anonymous said...

Creepy indeed.
That "walks sideways" bit might just be a natural condition of a short person as I've seen a character actor on TV that walks with his legs bent to 1 side.

for the 5er
1. Friday
2. Lord of the Flies
3. Wilson
4. ?
5 - sing it with me:
a. with (willy)Gilligan
b. the Skipper (Jonas), too
c. the Millionaire (Thurston Howell III)
d. and his wife (Lovey Howell)
e. the movie star (Ginger)
f. the Professor (Hinkley)
g. and Mary Ann
Here on Gilligan's Isle

Anonymous said...

I keep missing out on these 5-fer-fri's...gosh!

Man, I dunno...that gnome thing seems really creepy. If I was walking the streets of Argentina at night (which should be creepy enough-juss saying, walking a foreign country at night) and this guy started doing his sideways walk at me...I would probably let the bladder fly...and I've seen some pretty unexplainable things in my lifetime.

Congrats to you guys on getting #1 in the can!
Pretty sure it will be awesome as usual...was peeping the gallery and saw an awesome cover in there for a future ish of Perhaps...Schweet!

Heywood Jablomie said...

yeah i'm a little late on the fiver-fers this week too. but if anyone gets the chance the video of the 'gnome' is on youtube, just type in gnome and it'll be there. creepy reality or fake you guys decide! either way it's freaky weird!