Monday, March 10, 2008



as i mentioned last week, craig and i are all about giving you, our faithful perhapa-fans, not only your money's worth in each and every issue of the all-new PERHAPANAUTS, but MORE than...!

we are painfully aware that the cover price of comics is going up all across the industry.
we are also well aware that that fact might cause some people to have to choose between some of their very favorite comics due to budgeting and such. we know because we buy comics too! we long for the days when comics were less than a dollar--heck, even a dollar would be wonderful news right now. but with the cost of everything going up--especially gas--it affects everything!

so we're doing what we can to pack every issue of the PERHAPANAUTS with as much 'nauty goodness as possible! we've been hitting up friends in and out of the business for pin-ups, lined up some STELLAR talent for our back-up stories (i'm bustin' to tell ya, but craig says i hafta wait...@#%$!) and, as you've already seen with the stunning art adams cover to issue #1, some incredible guest covers!

things are happening here at BEDLAM central, and i think you're gonna dig what we've been digging up!


things were flying so fast when we were trying to decide on a cover for the annual--craig, and our pal, dana moreshead, and i were throwin' all kindsa idea back and forth (well, mostly them...). but i thought it would be cool to show you one of craig's earlier takes on the cover so you could see how things evolve and take shape with something like this...


and here are the answers to your

"five for friday"

1. what spider-man villain originally appeared as indy's guide in the classic opening to raiders of the lost ark?

alfred molina (doctor octopus)

2. who was the only actor to appear in both the film and television versions of mash?

gary burghoff--radar o'reilly

of note: gary's left hand was noticeably smaller than his right, and the actor would often be seen carrying a clipboard or something so as not to attract attention to it.

3. what david bowie song is quoted at the beginning of the breakfast club?

"and these children that you spit on as they
try to change their world
are immune to your consultations
they quite aware what they're going through"

4. h2o is water? what is h2o2?

hydrogen peroxide

5. who played the devil in each of the following films?

a. witches of eastwick

jack nicholson

b. legend

tim curry

c. angelheart

robert deniro

d. needful things

max von sydow

e. the devil's advocate

al pacino

have a great day!
smell ya wednesday!


Brian said...

Yep, sad to say, prices are going up.

One side effect of lowering interest rates to try to make it easier for folks buying homes or starting or expanding businesses to help the economy is that foreign investors start looking elsewhere for investments with a higher return rate. Money leaving the economy tends to weaken the dollar which in turn makes imports, like oil, more expensive. Since gas is used to transport just about everything in this country, higher gas prices tend to send a ripple of increased prices throughout the economy.

alison said...

yikes! close the curtain brian, i think a few of my brain cells just exploded. :-)

t and c - though i am thrilled with each issue, if you want to pack in more - hey, go at it - and thanks!!! you're so good to us.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Brian-hey debbie downer thanks for that!=P just kidding, yeah the state of things is really $hitty and it's not going to get any better any time soon.

Eh, so the price on the 'haps goes up a smidge. I for one think that no price is too high for tha 'Haps!(well, ok that's a little extreme, but ya get me point!) There's a few books I'm going to drop soon anyways, not for price, but cuz damn they just blow.

Anonymous said...

I actually had stopped reading/buying comics quite some time ago. Only recently did I start buying (& reading) comics again.
The haps are definitely one of the few that I'll continue to read.

Thanks for the stories, Todd (& the artwork, craig/rico).

Christian D. Leaf said...

Can almost hear MG saying, "Little help here, people?" on that cover. Thanks for the behind the scenes peek, Todd. Looking forward to seeing the other guest cover artists. Should we start a betting pool?

Adam Hutch said...

Todd, looking forward to hearing about those back-up stories. Are you recruiting just artists for the back-ups or other writers too?

todd said...

hey, adam!

craig will tell you i'm too much of a control freak to let other people play with our toys--and he's sorta right.

since an awful lot of the perhapanauts is about the characters and their secrets and such (kinda like lost...) it's hard to ask another writer to write a story when i already have so much planned for each of them. there would be too much "oh, you can't do that because..." and that's just frustrating. i know, i've been there.

maybe someday, should the haps become popular enough to warrant a spin-off, we could see a sorta "tales of the perhapanauts", telling wild and fun stories of the gang outta continuity where other writers and artists would get to do their own take on choopie and big and arisa! i'd love to see that!

sorry. for now, you're stuck with me.

Adam Hutch said...

Thanks Todd. I guess it's cool that you're writing the back-ups too. Way to hog all the fun!! ;)

Seriously, I love back-ups. Wish more comics had them.