Thursday, April 24, 2008

con coverage crazy!! pt 2


as if you're not sick enough of us talking about our stupid comic book...

while at the show, we sat down (well...we already WERE sitting down...) with russ burlingame of COMIC and chatted up the new series. he picked us as "hot shot of the week" and you can even see the whole interview--presented in parts 1 and 2!--either at their website

or on these marvy youtube posts!

craig, me, and russ burlingame of comic

also, at the show--


also, while you're s'posed to be doing work and
nobody's looking...
check out eric sunde's perhapanauts 1 review over at ign

and are you ready?
'cause here are your

"five for friday"

1. who invented scissors?

2. how many bones are there in the human head? 1 7 12 16 22

3. what is michael j. fox's middle name?

4. who invented the modern polygraph (lie detector)?

5. phobias--match the phobia with it's name

a. logophobia fear of heaven

b. demophobia fear of words

c. bogyphobia fear of monsters

d. samhainophobia (for matt) fear of shadows

e. uranophobia fear of halloween

f. teratophobia fear of goblins, demons

g. sciophobia fear of crowds

that's it!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

ps--for those of you who have been sending me so many wonderful e-mails about the t-shirts and the trading card one-sheets, we WILL have them up and available in the store section sometime next week! sorry for the delay!


Pablo said...

hahaha that's the picture I took. :)

Heywood Jablomie said...

i'll try the five-fer, as well as check out all the vids later, but i just wanted to say that i LOVE the look on your face in that pic todd!!

Scott Weinstein said...

That interview is great. You guys sold the comic well. Nicely done. And I like Brian's cameo in the background.

Matt Wieringo said...

That Spidey-Woman pic is awesome. I'm surprised Frank Cho wasn't following her around..."I must draaaawwww you!" Rowrr.

And nobody's tired of hearing about THE PERHAPANAUTS or they wouldn't be at a site called

todd said...

from kc carlson;


"five for friday"

1. who invented scissors?

Sir Francis Bacon. He needed a sharp instrument to cut thin slabs of
pork for his morning breakfast. He also had a tendency to miss the

2. how many bones are there in the human head? 1 7 12 16 22

I believe you have the correct answer: 17,121,622. (this does not
include teeth, by the way)

3. what is michael j. fox's middle name?

Jay. But you can call him Ray, or you can call him JayRay ... but you

doesn't hafta call him JOHNSON!

4. who invented the modern polygraph (lie detector)?

Tommy Flanagan. Yeah... that's the ticket!

5. phobias--match the phobia with it's name

I can't!! I have Logophobia!! And Epistemophobia!! AND
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia!!!! ARRRGGH!!!!

todd said...

and, yeah, pablo--i was pretty sure you took the spider-woman picture...sorry i didn't credit you...

Brian said...

Man, I got nothing this week when it comes to the five for friday. Looks like a no expenses paid trip to ECCC for me.

I'll have to check out the interview now, since I thought I did a good job of keeping quiet and staying off camera while still pimping the 'Haps to passers by.

Christian D. Leaf said...

Todd, we're no where sick of hearing about the 'Haps. I'll admit the comic is kick-starting my love of the paranormal and cryptozoo again. I'm trying to find a critter you haven't heard about yet, which I'm pretty sure isn't many. Keep talking and plugging away.

My jaw dropped at the Spider-Woman pic. Is that wrong?

Matt Wieringo said...

I'm going to get in so much trouble for saying this but I keep coming back to look at the picture of the chick in the Spider-Woman costume. She's like Angelique Trouvere, all over again. Hubba hubba. She knows about Heroes, right? Todd, tell me you told her about Heroes.

todd said...

heh. : )

no, pablo took the picture...i didn't even talk to her!
it was a very nice costume and she did gather quite a crowd. (the costume was very tight.) i HOPE she goes to charlotte--just so you can see her, brother...and then make a costume just like it for squeeze!

Pablo said...

no worries, that picture came out better on your camera then it did on mine. Glad you posted it

alison said...

ssheeesh, men...

though i do have to admit that the yellow graphic could not have been more advantageously and artfully rendered in relation to the canvas. :-)

Russ Burlingame said...

Hey, look! All my self-serving shilling and whoring around the Perhapablog has finally resulted in a real-live entry by the guys!

I was serious, guys--if you want to do a monthly feature on the 'Haps, I'm down for it, and I know Chuck at this point will greenlight any new content I want to generate, because our site is growing my leaps and bounds and he wants to give the readers more new content.

Russ Burlingame said...

PS - my videographer, who had never read the book and who wasn't completely sold on it yet by my rambling about how good it was? He borrowed my first two trades as soon as we got home after that interview. You guys are salesmen!