Wednesday, April 16, 2008



this just in from our (new) pal, patrick brower, at CHALLENGERS COMICS + CONVERSATION in chicago!

they're out there, baby!

thanks, patrick!
for the picture and the support!

smell ya later!


Unknown said...

Picked up my copy and convinced a friend to do same! BAM! You've made sales, kids! Looking forward to the reading tonight!

Matt Wieringo said...

SQUEEZE HERE- NOT MATT- can never get the accounts switched on this computer.

Bought all the 'Haps they had at our Friendly Local Comic Shop, Nostalgia Plus- all seven copies. One to bag, one to read, one to send to Ma & Pa, one for me to get my fingerprints all over......No offense to the Front cover artists, I'm sure they're very nice guys and all, I may have met one of them on occasion. They did a great job on the cover art. BUT LOOK AT THAT BACK COVER!! AMAZING!!! The Pencils! The Inks! The colors! It's Amazing I tell you!!

Took Team Wieringo/Leaf out for celebratory beer and Tequila shots after cleaning out the comic shop. Could not be prouder to be Mrs. Mafus today and FOL- Friend of Leaf!

Can't wait to read the book too. Have fun at the convention Todd. Wish we had planned to go.

craig rousseau said...

hey, squeeze (hope you celebrated with meat as well!)...

i agree wholeheartedly, that is is one FINE looking back cover...

now you just need to convince the boys to do more (we can always use a sweet team like that on a back up story!)


Squeeze said...

Craig, my favorite carnivore, there was sadly no steak at dinner.

Your illustrations are sweet! I've only looked at the illustrations so far, didn't have time to read the story yet. Will read tonight.

Would love to convince Team Mafus/Leaf to do a back-up story. They only listen to the wise and talented Team Dezago/Rousseau. So keep the pressure on!

If you convince them, a Ruth Chris steak for you is on me. There's a challenge for ya!

Great job again Sir Rousseau. Are you caught up on LOST? It starts back soon.