Sunday, April 27, 2008

dave tata and the screaming tiki!


to todd and craig's incredible cross-country all-new, all-different PERHAPANAUTS TOUR!
at the eastwood expo center in niles, ohio!
october 17-19!

i know it's a little early, but mark this on your calendars and get out those hawaiian shirts...

the perhapanauts are going tiki!

for more on the show, check out


i have great love for dave tata.

craig introduced me to his pal, dave, years ago when craig and i were working on the tellos romp called the last heist. dave, craig told me, was an animator with a company called soup to nuts in boston (i had seen their logo somewhere, but couldn't remember where...) and were currently doing a cartoon network adult swim show called home movies (slapping his forehead--that's where i'd seen it!)
dave, he said, was eager to do a little comic booking and if i ever needed someone to do one of those tellos back-ups or anything...
as it turned out, i needed him right away, and craig and i were thrilled to have dave's work in the same book as our adventure on a fun little story i called "6 1/2". dave did an awesome job and, in the process, turned out to be one of the nicest guys i've ever met.
so when we started thinking about filling out the remaining pages of the new perhapanauts on-going...
dave not only came through for us BIG TIME, but he tackled my little story with all the fun and humor i was looking for.
below, for your enjoyment, is the two page choopie goes to church.
inks by bob almond. colors by blake wilkie.

(i'll just note here; it is not meant to offend or be sacriligous in any way, just a confused little kid in church...)

thanks, dave, you're a wonderful artist and a true friend!
you rock the house!

and here, the answers to your
"five for friday"

1. who invented scissors?

leonardo da vinci

2. how many bones are there in the human head? 1 7 12 16 22


3. what is michael j. fox's middle name?


4. who invented the modern polygraph (lie detector)?

william moulton marston
(creator of wonder woman!)

5. phobias--match the phobia with it's name

a. logophobia is a fear of words

b. demophobia is a fear of crowds

c. bogyphobia is a fear of goblins, demons

d. samhainophobia is a fear of halloween

e. uranophobia is a fear of heaven

f. teratophobia is a fear of monsters

g. sciophobia is a fear of shadows

now ya know.
smell ya later!


Brian said...

That "Screaming Tiki" is not only a very cool logo, but something I could see the 'Haps investigating once they get to Ohio.

Leaf said...

I agree with you, Todd. The back-up story was very well done and I love me some 'Home Movies.' Kinda got the wife hooked on 'em for a bit. "I go pee in Coach McGurk's canteen."

alison said...

i LOVE Choopie goes to church. does this mean that transubstantiation has been unequivocally disproved? :-) (i mean no religious offense to anyone.)

todd said...

no, no--
choopie's no authority!
: )

Matt Wieringo said...

Hilarious! I always had Choopie pegged as the clip-on type, though. Looks great, guys.

Brian said...

Hi Alison,

This might explain Choopie's confusion:

Transubstantiation (in Latin, transsubstantiatio) is the change of the substance of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ occurring in the Eucharist according to the teaching of some Christian Churches, including the Roman Catholic Church.

"Substance" here means what something is in itself. A hat's shape is not the hat itself, nor is its color the hat, nor is its size, nor its softness to the touch, nor anything else about it perceptible to the senses. The hat itself (the "substance") has the shape, the color, the size, the softness and the other appearances, but is distinct from them. While the appearances, which are referred to by the philosophical term accidents, are perceptible to the senses, the substance is not.

When at his Last Supper, Jesus said: "This is my body", what he held in his hands still had all the appearances of bread: these "accidents" remained unchanged. However, the Roman Catholic Church believes that, when Jesus made that declaration, the underlying reality (the "substance") of the bread was converted to that of his body. In other words, it actually was his body, while all the appearances open to the senses or to scientific investigation were still those of bread, exactly as before. The Church holds that the same change of the substance of the bread and of the wine occurs at the consecration of the Eucharist.

(From Wikipedia, but as good an explanation as this former alter boy has ever heard.)

alison said...

ahh, a philosopher lurks behind the badge. excellent! One of my favorite areas of pondering/research is faith, so thanks, Brian, for giving this "protester" something new to chew on. :-)

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