Wednesday, April 16, 2008

for those of you unable to attend...


as i said on wednesday--which it is as i happen to be writing this--craig and i, along with a great many of our friends, are at the NEW YORK CITY COMICCON this weekend, hawking the All-New, All-Different PERHAPANAUTS #1 and the Awesome New PERHAPANAUTS TRADING CARDS, and giving away Perhapanauts Postcards and the ever-popular Choopie Butt Cards!

but for those of you unable to attend simply due to geography and/or (stupid) work responsibilities, i offer you the following inspirational platitudes--with the fair warning that they are politically incorrect, in some cases a bit vulgar, and very possibly offensive. so now that you've put your psychic armor on...enjoy!


and you didn't think that i'd forget...

your "five for friday"
it's the "3" game!
i name three of something
(three movies, three songs, three tv shows, etc)
and you give me the common
actor, writer, singer, whatever.

1. the blob, the thomas crown affair, the great escape

2. fire and rain, your smiling face, you've got a friend

3. honey, i shrunk the kids, wonderfalls, firefly

4. the celebrated jumping frog of calaveras county, a connecticut yankee in king arthur's court, the mysterious stranger

5. where it's at, timebomb, the new pollution

hope YOU have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Adam Hutch said...

Love those posters!

My Answers:
1. Steve McQueen movies
2. James Taylor songs
3. I don't have any clue.
4. Mark Twain Stories
5. Beck Songs

Christian D. Leaf said...

Sorry we'll miss the NYCC, but moving seems much more important. Luckily, we'll be all settled by the time Heroes rolls around. Have fun.

1. Steve Effing McQueen, who we actually gave a shout out to during our wedding.
2. James Baby Face Taylor
3. Whoever played the wife. Can't think of her name.
4. Samuel Clemens like a mutha.
5. Beck songs.

Matt Wieringo said...

The "Blasphemy" one took me a moment but, when I got it,...oh boy. Nice, big, belly laugh. Thanks, dude.

Russ Burlingame said...


Check out these sweet, sweet links to an interview I did with Todd & Craig at the show!

Squeeze said...

Blast! Damn vile#3. I was so excited that I actually figured them out this week but #3 still stumps me. Here's the rest.
1. Steve McQueen movies
2. James Taylor songs
3. Stumped me- Todd's favorite Movies & TV shows??? Todd's least favorite Movies and TV shows?
4. Mark Twain Stories
5. Beck Songs

Brian said...

Carol Ann and I laughed out loud at the "Candy" one and laughed at the Jesus one once we answered the "where is the Y question."

Great, great time in NYC and the 'Haps were a sell out hit, thanks in no small part to super-sales person Johanna Draper Carlson who really knows a comic worth reading when she sees one.

As for the five for Friday.

Steve McQueen

James Taylor


Mark Twain


Squeeze said...

BTW- Nice interview footage Russ. So proud of Todd and Craig! Two all around swell guys themselves.


And yes, we all know you're crazy Todd. ;-)

Hey! What's happening to Karl? Are you pulling our leg Craig?? Don't hurt Karl- he's the only one I can draw. ;-)

Brian said...

At least Karl is going down a hero. A certain C.R.I.C.K.E.T. is going out screaming like a little girl. Oh the shame, oh the ignomy.

Russ Burlingame said...

I think Karl's going to be okay. I'm assuming we were all being teased. For anyone interested, the "actual" story link on ComicRelated is at