Friday, April 11, 2008

if a bear is released in the forest...


so my friend, dave, sent this over to me the other day, and maybe it was because i had been having a sorta quiet, introspective, and reflective kinda day, but this just struck me so funny that i laughed so hard i cried.
what do you think...?

i always love it when the animal wins.
except in jaws.


craig, rico, and i are working late into the night this week to get perhapanauts 2 done and out!
but don't forget--perhapanauts 1 hits stands next wednesday!


and now, because you've been good,
here are your "five for friday!"

1. what actor/comedian has hosted saturday night live the most times?

2. who, by his own count, has hosted saturday night live 100 times (because he counts re-runs?)

3. in the rime of the ancient mariner, what dead sea-bird does the mariner wear hung around his neck?

4. what ominous public service announcement would begin "it's 10 o'clock, do you know _________ _______ __________ ______?"

5. match the following states with their capitals

a. maine montgomery

b. nevada salem

c. washington augusta

d. alabama carson city

e. oregon olympia

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Those pictures would've been even funnier if the ranger had climbed into the cage after the bear came after him. Regardless, they amuse to no end.

Can't wait for Wednesday! Keep it up, lads.

Taking a stab at the Fiver:
1. Steve Martin
2. Steve Martin
3. While I've memorized a portion of that epic poem, it's not that part, so I'll go with Steve Martin.
4. "...where your children are?"
5a. Augusta, Maine
5b. Carson City, Nevada
5c. Olympia, Washington
5d. Montgomery, Alabama
5e. Salem, Oregon

Brian said...

1. I Believe Steve Martin finally surpassed Mr. Buck Henry.

2. Christopher Walken who not only was so obviously reading everything straight from the Q cards, but appeared to be seeing his dialogue for the first time and during the Walken Family Reunion script actually read aloud the "big hug" stage direction.

3. An Albatross

4. Where your children/choopie are/is. ; )


Augusta, Maine

Carson City, Nevada

Olympia, Washington

Montgomery, Alabama

Salem, Oregon

alison said...

I thought that park ranger was going to end up IN the cage, but it was still duh uh funny.

Thanks, Todd, for some trivia I actually know:

3. albatross

4. "it's 10 o'clock, do you know where your children are?"

5. i homeskule :-)

a. montgomery alabama

b. salem oregon

c. augusta maine

d. carson city nevada

e. olympia washington

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,
Those pics crack me up.

semi stumped on the 5er-
3 an albatross
4 I don't know about the announcement, but the words "where your kids are" come to mind.
5 Montgomery, Alabama
Carson City, Nevada
(the only two I can remember)

Now, get back to work.
We're all waiting for those 'haps:)

Have a great weekend!

Brian said...

Reminds of one of my old bosses favorite sayings.

"Some days you eat the bear and somedays the bear eats you."

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was the bear who s**t in the woods. But after seeing that, I'm pretty sure it was the park ranger!