Friday, May 02, 2008

tv land


we've had so much going on lately and i've had so much to report about conventions and t-shirts and trading cards and the flurry of activity that's been surrounding the re-launch of the PERHAPANAUTS, i realized that it's been quite a while since i posted a plain old plain old post about something fun, something that everyone can relate to...
and so here's an easy goin' post and some fun "five fors..." to take you through the weekend...

because i was raised on television, and because i owe so much to that box and the people who appeared upon it, one of my guilty pleasure goals in life is to get a chance to visit each of the tv land tribute statues in their various locations across this great country. i don't know if i've ever mentioned them before--i might have--but so far there are four such statues paying homage to andy and opie taylor from "the andy griffith show" in mt. airy, north carolina,

mary richards tossing her hat from the opening of "the mary tyler moore show" in minneapolis,

dr. bob hartley from "the bob newhart show" in chicago,

and jackie gleason as ralph kramden from "the honeymooners" at the port authority in new york city.

this last one i took myself, last year, when craig and kelly (upcoming perhapanauts back-up artist and our super-pal, kelly yates!!) and i were making the trek from our hotel to the javitz in nyc. so i've only got three more to see...although i hope they make more!

hoping that the DO make more, who would you pick? what classic tv character or characters do you think should be immortalized in bronze?
lemme know...

and here are your

"five for friday"

1. why wasn't the andy griffith statue placed in mayberry?

2. who were the first television couple to be seen sleeping in the same bed?

3. who started out as a writer for the smothers brothers before breaking out as a stand up legend in the '70's?

4. in 1968, what movie pre-empted the last 50 seconds of the jets-raiders game?

5. match the song with the television show

a. those were the days

b. suzanne

c. the fishing hole

d. i'll be there for you

e. tossed salads and scrambled eggs

f. where everybody knows your name

g. love is all around

h. you're my greatest love

1. frasier

2. the honeymooners

3. the andy griffith show

4. mary tyler moore

5. all in the family

6. cheers

7. friends

8. taxi

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Scott Weinstein said...

How about a statue of the Fonz in Milwaukee. Or Mork in Denver.
Actually, there should be one of the Cosbys in Brooklyn.
Or Norm outside Cheers in Boston.

1) Because Mayberry doesn't really exist.
2) The Bradys
3) Steve Martin
4) Brian's Song??
a)Those were the Days--- All in the Family
c)The FIshing Hole---Andy Griffith Show
d)I'll be there for you ---- Friends
e)Tossed Salad --- Frasier
f)Where everybody..--- Cheers
g)Love is all around--- Mary Tyler Moore
h)You're my greatest love ---Honeymooners

alison said...

Hey that's cool, I didn't know about any of the statues - and of course, it got me goodsearching. I came up with:
TV Land statues list and poll for where/what a new one should be.
Statues of characters and misc. statues that appear on shows (i.e. Shakespeare bust that sat in Bruce Wayne's office).

I was happy to see that there are a couple Popeye statues. If you shake my family tree, from deep within the branches will fall out (Forrest) Bud Sagendorf who was one of the authors/illustrators of Popeye's comic book and Sunday strip. Can you believe that Popeye is going on 80 years! Boy, spinach must really be good for you. :-)
Fonzie statue in the works.

Here's my trivia attempt:

1. Mayberry is fictitious?

2. Rob and Laura Petrie? Edith and Archie? did they even share a bed?

3. Steve Martin?

4. Heidi

5. match the song with the television show

a. All in the Family


c. Andy Griffith Show

d. Friends

e. Frasier

f. Cheers

g. Mary Tyler Moore Show


Christian D. Leaf said...

How Sledgehammer outside a police station? Always had a soft spot for that show. Even bought the comic, which lasted all of two issues I believe.

Other than that how about Mork? Quincy? The Greatest American Hero? Hart to Hart?

As to the Fiver:
1. No such place?
2. Ma & Pa Walton?
3. Steve Martin?
4. The Sound of Music?
5a. All In The Family
5b. Taxi
5c. Andy Griffith
5d. Friends
5e. Fraiser
5f. Cheers
5g. Mary Tyler Moore
5h. Honeymooners

Matt Wieringo said...

Missed out on the fivers. Oh, well.

As for statues, how about:

1. James T. Kirk in Iowa
2. Matt Dillon in Dodge City, Kansas
3. Beaver Cleaver at the foot of my driveway so I could back over him every morning.

portalcomics said...

Some statues I'd like to see....

The Fonz in Milwaukee
Al Bundy in Chicago
Homer Simpson in every Springfield in America!!

My answers for 5FF
1. Mayberry is not a real town
2. Carol and Mike Brady
3. Steve Martin??
4. Heidi
5.a. All in the Family
b. Taxi
c. The Andy Griffith Show
d. Friends
e. Frasier
f. Cheers
g. Mary Tyler Moore
h. The Honeymooners

Christian D. Leaf said...

Forgot to add a Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno statue would be boss, too.

Brian said...

Lets see, for statues, how about Ally McBeal outside the courthouse right outside my window.

Now on to the Five For.

1. Doesn't exist.

2. Archie and Edith?

3. I guessed Robert Klein, but I think the Steve Martin people are right.

4. Heidi


(a) All in the Family

(b) Taxi

(c) Andy Griffith Show

(d) Friends

(e) Frasier

(f) Cheers

(g) Mary Tyler Moore

(h) The Honeymooners.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Didn't get to work on the five-fers.

As for the statues, I agree with the Norm, and Mork, Matt made me spit my water out with his Beaver idea. And while I'm not sure about being bronzed, but how about some statue love of Adam West and Burt Ward huh?!

For serious tho, i'd like a herman munster statue, and a fred sanford one as well.

todd said...

from roger ash--

Hi Todd,

Being a TV nut myself, I enjoyed reading your TV blog. Those are really cool statues. I’ll have to find the one of Bob on one of my excursions to Chicago . I think they should make statues of Norm from Cheers and one of Rob Petrie from the Dick Van Dyke Show tripping over an ottoman.

Here’s my attempt at your 5 for Friday

1) Mayberry isn’t a real place.
2) Bob & Emily Hartley
3) Steve Martin
4) Not sure, but I’ll guess The 10 Commandments
5) A) Those Were the Days – All in the Family
b) Suzanne – Taxi
c) Fishing Hole – Andy Griffith Show
d) I’ll Be There For You – Friends
e) Tossed Salads – Frasier
f) Where Everybody Knows Your Name – Cheers
g) Love is All Around – Mary Tyler Moore (Husker Du did a fun cover of this back in the 80s)
h) You’re My Greatest Love – The Honeymooners