Monday, July 07, 2008

goin' to the movies with dad.


so there are quite a few movies out there right now that i'm dyin' to see.

since my mom passed away 2 years ago, most of the movies i go to see are with my dad. and this time of year especially, he's ready to go--'cause, he says, there's nothing on tv. all repeats. so we compare our lists and usually they have most of the same movies on them and, truthfully, i'd go to see anything that he wanted to see 'cause...he's my dad.
so we've seen iron man and indiana jones and the hulk and a couple of others. he knows that i won't get excited about the new batman (god help us and sorry, matt...), and we've been talking up hancock and wanted. so the other night, wednesday, he said, "we're going to the movies", and sharon and i got excited, 'cause i was sure he was going to say hancock or wanted. but he said wall•e.
now, of course, i wanted to see it--LOVE them pixar guys and they always do some beautiful, wonderful stuff, but i wasn't really there, y'know. i was looking for some action, some fast-paced insanity--and wall•e didn't look like it.
dad said, we can go see hancock tomorrow night--but we play volleyball on thursdays.
so, i adjusted my head for a different experience--not a problem, i'm pretty flexible--and we went to see wall•e

don't miss it.
yes, it might seem a bit slow at first, especially compared to those other two thrill rides i mentioned earlier, and there's not a lot of talking in the first, oh, about half of the movie...but wall•e once again illustrates how incredible pixar really is! the designs and animation, the astounding cinematography (is it called cinematography in cg animation?), the emotions that they can elicit with (supposedly) emotionless robots...! and all in the service of a wonderful--and fun!--story!

on thursday our volleyball got rained out, but too late for us to catch up with dad. the next day, friday the fourth, he told me that he'd gone to see hancock and that he loved it! "we shoulda gone to see that instead! it was incredible! you would've loved it!"

: )



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the answers to
"five for friday"
naming names...

1. what were bonnie and clyde's last names?

parker and barrow, respectively

2. what was the name of tim taylor's sidekick on "tool time"?

al borlin

3. what was drew barrymore's character's name in e.t.?


4. what famous housewife was portrayed by audrey meadows?

alice kramden

5. there have been 5 (five) hosts on the regular version of family feud. name them.

a. richard dawson
b. ray combs
c. louie anderson
d. richard karn
e. john o'hurley

'kay, gotta get to work!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Hancock got some bad reviews, but the people who have seen it that I know, I'm including your Dad in that now, have enjoyed it and it's pulled in 103 million in the U.S. so far with another 75 million internationally, so looks like Will is still the king of the 4th of July weekend.

portalcomics said...

Hey Todd,

we saw Wall*E last week with our 7 year old and I agree with you, it was a great, great movie!! made you laugh, made you cry, made you cheer!! LOL!! I loved little Mo, the "clean up" bot!!

Leanne said...

Now see, I am the same way as far as Hancock and Wall*E goes. I saw the Wall*E trailer a couple of times and it did absolutely nothing for me... which is weird, because I think this is the first Pixar film that I don't want to see. It's getting nothing but great reviews, but... I still have no desire to see it. I'm sure when I finally do watch it I'll love it, but I was kind of hoping for a trailer that would grab me, I guess. So it'll probably end up being a rental, sadly.

Hancock, on the other hand, I do want to see despite the bad/mixed reviews.

I really need to take a break and see a couple of films. There are so many I really want to see but all of my free time these days is spent at the drawing table. Maybe I'll try and sneak out sometime this week...

Matt Wieringo said...

I had the chance to see both HANCOCK and WANTED for free and missed both opportunities. WANTED because we got there too late and it filled up and HANCOCK because I had to work late and gave back the tickets.

We were going to see WALL•E Saturday but Suze wasn't feeling well and we bailed. Now I'm starting to panic because these are all movies I really want to see on the big screen and, with DARK KNIGHT and HELLBOY II coming up, that's getting less and less likely. Oh, well, at 10 bucks a ticket, I can wait for NetFlix if I have to.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Hancock last night and really dug it.

It's not your regular superhero type movie, but actually had more of a real world sense to it.
Will Smith does an awesome job, too.

Wall*e & Wanted are also on my list, but have not seen either of them yet.

renecarol said...

Wall-E was on our agenda for this past weekend. Lexie's school gave out free passes to our local roller skating rink - so I only had to pay for my admission. I asked her how long she wanted to roller skate for and since she said 1.5 to 2 hours but no more we went roller-skating during the matinee of Wall-E. So now Wall-E is on the agenda for next weekend. The matinee is $5.50 a ticket so for $11 the two of us can see it for practically the price one adult ticket. There's so many movies I want to see but most will have to wait until they make it to dvd. Glad to hear that you liked it.

Anonymous said...

Re:«(is it called cinematography in cg animation?),»
In animation,both hand-made and CG,all the camera work (shots and movements) is taken directly from the storyboards —so,that's the technical term used:storyboarding or storyboard work.
But cinematography is also a valid word,since it is a movie after all

Cooper said...

We get a little jaded screening movies and often play our home version of MST3K, and predict what's gonna' happen next, and all that good stuff. That being said, the reason I liked HANCOCK so much was that it gave me my first, "OH,
%*#!, I did not see that coming!" moment of the Summer...

Heywood Jablomie said...

i had to drop out of seeing hancock due to work, but i still would like to see it, even if it ends up being on dvd. my dad and i are always going to the movies when i get to see him. he calls me all the time discussing them. wall*e looks cute, but not sure if it's 'in the budget' cute tho. might have to wait for that one too. saw and liked the hulk. and i've seen iron man 3 times now, hands down my fave of the year so far. my gf really wants to see wanted we just haven't had time. and i wanna see hellboy 2 as well it looks really good.

Heywood Jablomie said...

oh i forgot to add that the sketchbooks are great. job well done!

~ Wendy ~ said...

hey Todd - I would be interested to hear your take of Hancock when you get the chance to see it. I have this horrible habit of knowing what is going to happen in a movie before it happens. I knew Bruce was dead in 6th sense after the first few scenes.. happens to me too often when I see a movie with a "twist". I knew the twist in Hancock much the same way... I was looking for a good action super-hero movie and it was that but it was also a bit disappointing in where they decided to take it ... but I love Will Smith soo....
I will hopefully see WANTED this weekend - I'm hoping it is as good as it appears to be ...