Friday, July 25, 2008

rico, blake, dean, and jason!


just wanted you to know that, in my quest to heap tons of praise on all four of our colorists from issue 3, i've posted a double page spread from that issue waaaaaay down at the bottom of this page by rico that just transcends description. it is glorious! so, if you haven't seen it yet (and what's up with that? get out there and get one!) and don't want to, stop at the trivia questions, 'kay?

so let's talk for a moment about our guest colorists, shall we...?
(as i said, i'm saving rico for last...)

first off, we have dean trippe and jason horn on "the merrow's tale", a tender little tale of romance that, personally, i thought kelly outdid himself on. my hope is to make these back-up stories, while contributing in some way to the main storyline or character development, unique, to pair the right artist with the right character with the right colorist. when craig and i talked about this story, craig mentioned dean trippe, whose own work--and comic strip "butterfly"--we had been diggin' on for quite a while. craig had been talking with dean and he was up for it.

here's some of dean's work--

and be sure to check out more--and "butterfly"-- at

jason horn, who assisted dean on the merrow job, i, sadly, knew nothing of, until i had the chance to meet both of them in person at heroescon last month! jason, too has a fine body of work as well with his highly-acclaimed book "gruff"--a comic book re-telling of the three billy goats gruff fairy tale--and his strip "ninjasaur"!

i think that they did some wonderful work on "the merrow's tale", capturing the fantasy elements of the glade in the wood, the soft, yes, romantic, lighting inside the tent, the lush shadows and textures as peter and katherine entwined about each other. beautiful.
rest assured that we'll be seeing more of both these guys in future issues of the perhapanauts! thanks, guys!

when it came time to color tad stones' fun and frantic gremlins story, craig and i wanted someone who could add to that energy without losing all the hilarious details that tad threw in. not an easy job--there is a LOT going on on those pages!! but blake made it look easy! he highlighted the important stuff without dulling the rest and gave the whole thing a crazy cartoon quality that was exactly what we were looking for! so thanks, too, to blake wilkie! really nice job! thanks for being part of the team!


the other day my friend wendy sent me this cool video. wendy is a friend from way back in my college days and she and i re-connected, probably about a year ago, through myspace. she quickly became a perhapanauts fan (yea, wendy!) and would 'e' me every once in a while about the latest issue or some weird thing she had heard or read about--she digs the paranormal too! : ) then she gathered up our entire old gang (theater and college newspaper nerds)--well, we're still missing a couple--on facebook a couple months ago and we've been having a virtual reunion ever since. we even got together last weekend for a real live happy hour/reunion (those in the area and those that chanced to make the drive...) it was fantastic!

so wendy will probably be here once in a while and i'll probably be passing on some of the cool links that she sets me up with!
this one is both neat and a little spooky and not just 'cause its' from sean hannity's show--check it out!

thanks, wendy!
keep 'em comin'!


moments after i posted this blog, i read my mail and got this video from mike estelle (heywood). i loved it so much that i had to run back and include it in today's blog, so that you'll all have it to share and think about over the weekend.
thanks, mike!


"five for friday"

1. what was the stage name of hungarian born, ehrich weiss?

2. what is soylent green made from?

3. what #1 hit by the police was written as a song about a stalker?

4. what is the name of the new zealand duo who rock the house with their eclectic novelty songs and hbo series?

5. throughout the history of rock & roll, some bands have been fortunate enough to recognized simply by their initials. here are the initials of some bands from the 70's, 80's, and 90's--see how you do...

a. BTO
b. CCR
c. OMD
d. ELP
e. ELO
g. GnR
h. BOC

and, of course, we have the rico!
i know i've said here rather often that putting together each issue of the perhapanauts is quite a job and we all scramble around to get our various jobs done. we don't make any money at this--hopefully it will all pay off farther down the line, either in the trades or other collections or, if we're really lucky, someone decides that it would make a great animated movie or series...(which, y' would.)
anyway, craig and i work to get the book all done, but, as you know, we have both been fortunate lately to've picked up actual paying work in the business, me on some wolverine and marvel adventures spider-man and craig on spider-man loves mary jane and some dc licensing jobs. these other jobs make it a rush to get the perhapanauts in on time and, sadly, it seems that we're always rushing rico. sorry, pal.
but it does get done and rico always brings his 'A' game! we were really rushing him on issue three, but somehow, he was able to produce this magic!
when it came through, it honestly took my breath away.
i hope it did yours.

thanks, rico--for issue after issue of awesome colors!

have a great weekend, everybody!
smell ya later!


Heywood Jablomie said...

All of the color work was great in the issue! I loved both the 2 pagers Rico did. The one with Big's story and then the one posted. I've seen Dean's name before, I believe bewtween here maybe and Mike's page maybe?

Here's my shot at the 5-fer:
1. Harry Houdini


3. um, Roxanne?

4. no idear

a. BTO-bachman turner overdrive
b. CCR-credence clearwater revival
c. OMD-orchestral manoeuvres in the dark
d. ELP-???
e. ELO-electric light orchestra
f. CSNY-um, not sure
g. GnR-guns n roses
h. BOC-blue oyster cult-More Cowbell!!

portalcomics said...

you know I love me some 5FF!!

here we go....

1. ???
3. Every Breath You Take
4. Flight of the Conchords
5a. Bachman Turner Overdrive
b. Creedance Clearwater Revival
c. ???
d. Emerson Lake and Palmer
e. Electric Light Orchestra
f. Crosby Stills Nash & Young
g. Guns n Roses
h. ???

Christian D. Leaf said...

Colors throughout the issue were superb as ever. I've visited Dean's site Project Rooftop quite a bit. A very nice fellow in addition to being a heckuva an artist, too as I got a chance to meet him at Heroes this year.

Gotta love a friendly lion who bears your name.

As the Fiver seems to have been handled I'll save up my brain for next week's batch.

Rich Faber said...

I love that Dean Trippe! Dean's such a huge talent, and a great guy to boot! And Jason's pretty cool too! As with last year, both of those guys will be stationed with us, the Kids Love Comics crew, at the Baltimore Comic-Con in September.

As for the "5," the only one I didn't know was #4, but that's because I don't have them fancy cable stations with all of them programming whozits.

However, I do have a bonus answer for you for ELP: Although originally known as Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, in the mid eighties, Cozy Powell joined the group, replacing Palmer, so for that period of time, they were Emerson, Lake, and POWELL!


Brian said...

1) ?

2). People (too bad they couldn't get the rights to that Streisand song, would have been an all time black comedy great to play that over the scene where Heston finds out the truth)

3). "Every Breath You Take."

4). Flight of the Conchords


a - Bachman Turner Overdrive

b - Creedence Clearwater Revival

c - Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark

d - Emerson Lake and Palmer

e - Electric Light Orchestra

f - Crosby Stills Nash & Young (or a new CSI show, take your pick)

g - Guns 'N Roses

H. - ?

~ Wendy ~ said...

Well! thanks a lot Dezago. You should have a warning on that Lion video for girly girls like myself (who get misty over hallmark commercials or the lost love of Merrow) .. nothing like getting teared up in a Starbucks!

Though it is kinda poetic - that being sent to you and you reconnecting with a bunch of "old" (being a relative term of course) friends. :-D

Matt Wieringo said...

I'm secure enough in my masculinity to admit I cried like a baby at that. Thanks, Todd. (You know who else would have.) That was awesome. I had a chance to see it at work the other day but had to put it off because something came up. Good thing it did because that could have been embarrassing.

You guys are very lucky to be working with such great colorists. The book always looks great and Rico wisely foregoes the usual heavy-handed, overdone techniques used by some in the industry. Just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. Rico's stuff is just so beautiful, I was very disappointed he didn't get to rescue...I mean COLOR...our pinup.

And I'm glad C-bag and I got to meat Dean at Heroes this year. He's very talented and a very nice and modest guy. It was a pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Digging all the art (incl colors) on ish 3, as I may have mentioned before.
I had seen Dean Trippe's stuff on Project Rooftop before. Really cool.

That Lion video is awesome.

How can some people not believe in Big (and his kinfolk) when there are sooo many sightings?

For the 5er:
1. Harry Houdini (there's a cool ghost story regarding his birth name)
2. ground up people ("tastes like chicken"?) eewww!
3. "don't stand so close to me" ?(I think)
5. a. Bachman Turner Overdrive
b. Creedence Clearwater Revival
d. Emmerson, Lake & Palmer
e. Electric Light Orchestra
f. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
g. Guns & Roses
h. Blue Oyster Cult

Wow, It's been a while since I knew so many answers.

Anonymous said...

Ok, reviewing other answers:
I guess I got #3 wrong.
Cool bit by Rich on ELP.