Tuesday, June 23, 2009

home again, home again...


so, as you could probably tell, the weekend--and the blog post--got way away from us!
at the show all day friday, craig and i kept saying how we had to corral nick up to the room where we'd be able to get internet connection in his laptop (craig's, not nick's. nick wouldn't know a laptop if his was sitting on one. wait--that's not right.)

anyway, nick got grabbed to go to dinner with a better bunch of people and we missed him that night. (matt and suzanne, craig, sharon and i went to ruth's chris and had steaks that would make a grown man cry. and i did.)

saturday, was the big auction, led off with matt's announcement and awarding of the very first mike wieringo scholarship award which went to recipient katelyn "call me 'rae' rochelle. crying once again when the room stood to honor and applaud mike, craig, sharon and i silently headed out to have a quiet dinner on our own. missed nick again. he went to dinner with his sister and his niece, maryanne.

long day at the show sunday and we finally got nick to look at the entries--which were all kinds of amazing, by the way--but once he made a decision, craig and i were scrambling to get that post in (hence the crazy caps and shortness of the final announcement) as matt, suzanne, christian and angie were waiting for us downstairs to go to the convention after-party at shelton's store, "heroes aren't hard to find" and then dinner down the street at the cajun queen. many apologies to all for that quick and confusing post.

what i really wanted to say was that, though uriel was the one nick ultimately picked (based mostly on the color purple...!) (okay, and the fact that uriel managed to use all of the elements from carmine's original list in his piece), everyone who entered did a phenomenal job on their respective pin-ups and we can't thank you all enough for being a part of both the contest and the perhapanauts family! hat's off to all of you!
thanks so much!

so, here, a little more officially, let me present the winner of the PERHAPANAUTS "Perfect Cover" Pin-Up Contest...


(i should note that the final decision was very, very close, between uriel's pin-up and michael kasinger's entry. the judge was torn for many a minute. in the end, however, it was the more purple cover that took the prize...)

and the prize, of course, is that the winner will be published in an upcoming issue of the perhapanauts and a shirt.
further details on these proceedings will be made available here on the perhapa-blog!

and for those of you dying to see pics from the show, well, we'll be posting them too...on friday...

'cause wednesday will be devoted to pushing the heck out of PERHAPANAUTS no.6--ON SALE THIS WEDNESDAY!!!

don't miss out! call your local comic book shop and ask 'em if they've got it! and if they do, tell 'em to get more!
perhapanauts 6--the issue that comes out just before 7...


what christian's entry was supposed to look like...


picked up a few cool sketchbooks and comics at the show--i'll show you more of those later--and a couple of really neat gifts--leanne has a pic of me with one of the awesomest ones over on her blog--but i really wanted to drop the word on my best buddy, our own craig, who had an "i-told-ya-so" weekend (and was doing the "i-told-ya-so dance the whole time...) and i have to congratulating him for putting it in my face through the whole show.
see, with the new trade out and available for the first time at a convention--and because image was nice enough to ship us a box of perhapanauts no.6 a week early for the show--i didn't think we'd need--or sell--any copies of the two dark horse perhapanauts trades, first blood and second chances. craig was insistent and so he brought five of each.

which we sold out of.


"i told ya so."

also, craig has been putting together his two new sketchbooks to debut at heroes and opted to have them done in a larger format (8.5x11) rather than the traditional 5.5x8.5. i cautioned him 'cause many of our friends who've gone for the larger size have found that fans don't usually go for the larger sketchbooks and are left with boxes of them unsold.

"in yer face, todd."

they sold like...well, like copies of first blood and second chances.

i don't mind being wrong.
actually, i couldn't be happier.

and couldn't agree more with the decision to go big. in both books, the larger size lets you see the true beauty of craig's line work and colors. the canson book, especially--printed on a similar stock (by rico and our friends at indigo ink!!)--shows the stunning layering and texturing that goes into each one of these pieces. anyone who's visited craig's site

and taken a stroll through his gallery knows what i'm talking about and won't want to miss either of these two gorgeous art books. go get 'em! you won't be disappointed.

(note here though, c.--maybe next time it'd be a good idea to put your name on the front cover someplace...?)

more tomorrow!
and all week!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Congrats on the sell out boys, but dang, as it means you have now figured out that it is the product, not the pitchman, that has been moving those bad boys and that means, double dang, that a certain bearded booth boy may be looking for work.

In all seriousness, sounds like you boys had a blast.

The traditional round of golf with Dad on Father's Day got rained out, but it was still good to see him on his day, plus my sister and her family were up from Harrisburg, so I didn't want to miss that.

Jason Copland said...

Ha! I didn't even notice that Craig's name isn't on the cover!

Heywood Jablomie said...

Congrats all around it seems!

Congrats to Uriel on the sweet cover, man that would have been too hard for me to choose, they all rocked!

Congrats to the winner of the Ringo scholarship!

And congrats on the sell-outs! Always great to hear the books flying into more hands.

Glad Heroes rocked-I'll see about trying to make it to that one next year as opposed to Baltimore-although I really like the Baltimore show.

Warren said...

Yeah, Craig -- you had a chance to have your name on the cover as big as you want -- even bigger than Terry Moore's -- but you blew it. ;) (Seriously, those sketchbooks are beautiful!)

I had fun with the Perhapanauts gang in Charlotte this weekend. Thanks for making me feel welcome all of the dozens of times I came by to chat or watch Craig and Matt draw. You guys have always treated your fans as friends. :)

Cooper said...

It was great seeing everyone this weekend, but on an totally unrelated-but-creepy note I felt it important to point out that tonight was St. John's Eve (so if you were hanging out in a church you might have been able to see lots of ghosts or even your own demise), and tomorrow, June 24th (St. John's Day) is quite possibly the Most Haunted Day of the Year (according to Loren Coleman). So go out trolling for creepy things, and I can live vicariously through you as I spend the day getting beat up by TRANSFORMERS 2...