Wednesday, June 10, 2009

last day for entries...!


well, i have a really nice batch of entries for the Perhapanauts "Perfect Cover" pin-up contest...and i can't wait for you to see them!! the deadline is tonight at 12 pm (est) so if you've been sitting around saying to yourself, "y'know, i really ought to do one of those..." you should start now!
or really, a couple days ago.

here'a quick, funny story that i shared with my spectator friends over on facebook and thought i'd post it here too...

when i was doing sherlock holmes with steve press at dutchess a couple years back, i got to know and hang out with a buncha the kids in the cast and was talking one day with this funny guy named rob who was looking at the pocket watch i had to wear and refer to quite a bit in the show. he said that two years before, his grandfather turned 90 and so all the kids and grandkids and great-grandkids chipped in to buy him a gold-plated pocket watch, something he had thought he'd receive upon retirement, but they'd stopped doing that by then. with all eyes on him, he opened what they thought was the perfect gift only to have him say, "what the f___ do i need the for? i got the time on my f___ing cell phone!"


and speaking of my friends on facebook--and here--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WENDY!!
wendy's birthday is tomorrow...
love ya, sweetie, and we all hope it's a good one!!!
here's some racoons for ya...


so, okay, i hate reality shows. i hate how manipulative they are, how fake they are, how they demean the term "celebrity" by placing every "star" that appears on one into the same category as talented actors and performers who truly deserve to have their work celebrated like tom hanks or meryl streep, and i hate that they put so many talented--creative--writer's out of work. i hate that the networks shove them down our throats and cancel the good stuff because reality shows are so much cheaper to make.

hate 'em.

well, maybe hate's a strong word. i like the comic performance part of last comic standing. i watched the audition segments of last year's america's got talent--a show that i think of more as a variety show than a reality show, but i'm not splitting hairs--because it was, at times, a fantastic freak show of a train wreck. or a train wreck of a freak show, i don't know which. there were some very talented acts there, but there were also...well...

and, as i reported back in january, sharon got me hooked on the bachelor. which, in the end, was it's own little train wreck. people who watched that know what i mean...
and now, of course, the bachelorette.

they picked this season's bachelorette from the runners-up of the bachelor, i guess that's how they do it, so we had to follow...right? i knew jillian and had always liked her. i didn't think she was right for jason, but i'd hoped she'd find love somewhere soon. on the bachelor we watched as jason chose from 25 women all lined up to vie for his attention. who couldn't get behind that fantasy? well, now jillian started out with 30 men and i thought i would have absolutely no interest in who she picked and why, but now sharon and i are feeling like the older brother and sister, looking out for our little jillian and yelling at the tv for her to stay away from that snake. (that guy is a snake. i hate him. there are a couple of them. one left the other night. but the guy i really hate is still there...)
anyway, i'm stuck. i don't think i need to be rescued yet. craig and matt--if i need the intervention, i'll letcha know. i cleanse myself after each episode with about 6 hours of cagefighting. did anybody see the mike brown-urijah faber fight the other night...?


so, if you're working on a pin-up for the contest, get it into me by midnight tonight! send it over to
it's gonna be great!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

I love the story about the Grandfather and the watch.

Tony Miello said...

Wish I had found out about the contest sooner. I would have loved to do a pin-up for it.

Jason Copland said...

Dang! If I had more time I'd throw down for this cover contest thing.

See you guys in just over a week, though!

~ Wendy ~ said...

Thanks Todd, for the birthday wishes! I was hoping to get in an entry to you for the contest but time just flew by before I could finish .. next time!! or perhaps I'll just submit it after the fact for hah hah's :-)
Can't wait to see everyone's entries!
Love you too!!

Heywood Jablomie said...

great story todd!

happy b-day wendy!

Matt Wieringo said...

Oh my God. The Bachelorette? You deserve the ridicule I'm going to heap on you at Heroes for that. Seriously.

Okay, I'm kidding. Because I once downloaded the the application to be on Survivor with every intention of going through with it. Until I remembered I have a lousy back and sleeping on the ground would pretty much destroy it. And I'd lose my job., seriously. The Bachelorette? Jesus wept.

~ Wendy ~ said...

Thanks Heywood!!