Monday, June 29, 2009

behind the scenes...


now that you've had a chance to pick up and digest the latest issue of the perhapanauts in all it's wonderfulness, here are, as promised, some of both leanne hannah and jason armstrong's preliminary sketches and designs for the characters, along with, in jason's case, some notes and suggestions on powers and personalities. (this is the way we work--the way mike and i and craig and i worked as well--each throwing out any and all ideas to build the character and then seeing what works best for both the character and the character's interaction with teammates.)

"molly's turn"

before scott even gave her the script, leanne worked up a couple perhapanuts sketches to get the feel for molly and the rest of the team...


some of leanne's warm-up sketches of the team...

leanne's design for the guys in the ecto wing. i had said let's try to make them look as much not like ghostbusters as we can. (yeah, i talk that way.) but it's a tough call--what else do you do? we solved it with color--the suits are meant to be chameleon, shifting and changing in color to blend in and make them more stealthy. (uh...'cause...ya goota sneak up on ghosts...?) i dunno.

leanne's various designs for the poltergeist that scott so deftly made both scary and sympathetic.

"now and then"--the mon5ter 5 story

jason and i had worked together on a fill-in sensational spider-man story back in '98 and have always wanted to work together again--especially after i'd seen the wild new stuff jason was doing on his own book, "ferro city." we had so much fun on "the red team adventure" back in issue 4, that we just decided we had to start working on something more.
mon5ter 5 was it.

i threw him a quick email with a brief description of the characters and a little bit about how they fit together and he sent me these character designs a few days later.

our gypsy, the flora-whisperer, elena "mariposa" garcia...

monjo and the lovely dr. sharon botsford

steris--not what he appears to be...

the totem that brought the haps and the mon5ter 5 together!

the return of the
"five for friday!"

1. what was the name of farrah fawcett-majors' character on charlie's angels?

jill munroe

2. which michael jackson music video had him dancing with the bones of the elephant man?

"leave me alone"

3. what was the name of the weekly television talent show that ed mcmahon hosted from 1983-1995?

star search

4. what was the name of david carradine's character on kung fu?

kwai chang caine

5. name four of the hit tracks off of michael jackson's 1982 album, thriller.

1. "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"
2. "Baby Be Mine"
3. "The Girl Is Mine"
4. "Thriller"
5. "Beat It"
6. "Billie Jean"
7. "Human Nature"
8. "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"
9. "The Lady in My Life"

have a good monday!
smell ya later!


alison said...

Great art and always enjoy the glimpses you give into the "process." Love the totem - possibilities with him seem endless with all those parts.

Anonymous said...

I'm really lookin' forward to more mon5ter 5 stuff!

And Leanne's sketches are awesome!!!

Brian said...

I especially like Leanne's poltergeist sketches. This was the one where she was starting from scratch and knocked it out of the ball park.

As for the Monster 5, to borrow from a certain famous English orphan . . .

"Please, Sir, I want some more."

(I bet you were all thinking Harry Potter, weren't you. Man, they sure do have a lot of orphans in Englise literature ;-))

Scott Weinstein said...

I haven't seen Leanne's sketches in while. I forgot how good they were. And Jason's studies are awesome. I'd love to see those characters again.

Warren said...

Leanne rocks! Her sketchbook is awesome! More from her! More I say!

Leanne said...

Wait, so the Ecto guys weren't supposed to look like Ghostbusters? Seriously, I thought they were supposed to resemble them... at least a little. Well, that's my fault. Maybe they can be, like, a group of Ecto guys who weren't wearing their proper uniforms that day ;)

Jason's sketches are awesome! I can't wait to see the Mon5ter 5 again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,
Still PO'd I couldn't make Charlotte this year.
Diggin' both Leanne's & Jason's sketches.
Of course, I've always been a big fan of the behind the scenes stuff.

Matt Wieringo said...'re supposed to do prelims?!!

Awesome work by everybody.

Adam Hutch said...

Wow, those're some fun sketches and studies. I love seeing this " making of..." stuff. This is great material for the next trade maybe?

Jason Copland said...

Great stuff from Leanne and Jason! Another excellent issue, folks!

~ Wendy ~ said...

Wow! Leanne's sketches are awesome!! What talent.
I love seeing the "before" stuff - and hearing how it all is done and then comes together. Thanks for sharing this - keep sharing it please.