Wednesday, June 03, 2009

oh...It's ON!! The Perhapanauts "Perfect Cover" Pin-Up Contest!!


the other day, after reading the post regarding carmine infantino's 7 things that sell a comic book cover and my subsequent description of what would just naturally seem to be the perfect storm of elements on a perhapanauts cover, christian made the observation that this would be a good perhapanauts pin-up contest and i agreed.
and left it at that.

but now, uriel duran has thrown down the gauntlet and the game is ON!
monday night, uriel sent me his initial black and white version--he will be coloring it later--of the ultimate perhapanauts cover, complete with all of the aspects listed in the carmine post, and soon i had another...and another...and i realized that christian wasn't throwing out a suggestion--he was issuing a challenge!

so let's make it official;

The PERHAPANAUTS "The Perfect Cover" PIN-UP Contest!
Utilizing some--or all--of the elements appearing on Carmine Infantino's list from the other day, send in YOUR version of the perfect cover by wednesday, june 10th to
The Winning Pin-Up/Cover will be published in an upcoming issue of The Perhapanauts!
...and they'll get a t-shirt.
how's that?
it's on!

so get goin'...!


suzanne sent this one to me yesterday.
it's called "patience and wisdom."
it made me laugh out loud.

i love it when a picture tells the entire story.
just look at the look on that dog's face.
he knows.


and speaking of pictures that tell the whole story...

so our pal, jared (anonymous in the comments), works out on long island for a company that's appealing to big corporations to do more to go green. they hold special events and get both businesses and the public involved in being aware and really trying to make a difference. sometimes there are celebrities involved or give-aways or stuff like that, but at this particular event, jared got his own WTF?! moment and just had to share it with me. and by "me," i mean, us.
so jared and his co-worker are hanging with American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini, chattin' him up, makin' sure his sharpies are sharp, happy to have their picture taken...
later on, looking at the pic, they get this...

you see it, right...?

WTF?! right?
i thought george carlin was dead.
or is that God?

jared, by the way, is the one on the right.

thanks, j-man! great pic!


and that's your wednesday--
smell ya later~!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Guess I'll really have to put my drawing hand where my mouth is now...

As to the WTF pic...yeah, that old duffer is creepy. Would've been better if it was Nick Cardy popping up like he did in that pic with you and Leanne(sp) at Heroes last year.

Brian said...

The guy looks like a Survivor wanna be to me. Hey Pal! Wrong reality show.

Good luck to all the contestants.

Matt Wieringo said...

That's Santa Claus after being on SURVIVOR.

Rich Faber said...

Are you sure that isn't Alex Ross' dad...? ;-)