Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wacky wednesday!


OH, MAN....!! what do we talk about first?!
HEROESCON?! which is only two days from now...?!
or the Perhapanauts "Perfect Cover" Pin-up Contest...the WINNER of which will be posted and announced...two days from now!!!
who planned this crazy mess?!?!
(well, it was craig...)

yeah, man--the entries are still comin' in and they are ALL lookin' sweet!
and if you are still working on yours or haven't started yet (maybe you work best under pressure...) you have until 12 midnight tonight, that's today, wednesday, june 17th, at 12 a.m. (est)!
i can't wait to show them all!!


and we are all so super-PSYCHED for heroescon this year! why, just the extended perhapa-family alone could fill a bus this year! i can't wait to see you all and hang out and hopefully get some pictures! my goal is to get lots of pics of people in costume, find three old dc comics from the 70s to fill in in my collection, and to not lose my voice by sunday afternoon! also, i will be doing sketches this year! they will suck, but i'm gonna do 'em!
also, i'm bringing my new video camera and if i ever figure out how to upload my videos, maybe i'll be able to post something fun!

if you're gonna be in the charlotte area--hell, if you're gonna be anyplace in the southeast, stop by and see us!
we'll be the goofy ones...!


while i get a lot of the emails that seem to make the rounds every year and a half or so, i hadn't seen any of these that my friend, bob, sent me the other day...

see ya friday from the lovely HEROESCON in charlotte!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

Those have all got to be for advertising. Nobody puts the money or time into something that cool without there being something to sell.

I saw a series of ads a while back with a similar theme (for some beverage) in which groups of people were all posed (around a pool or a bar or a party) doing completely innocent things but from the angle and juxtapositions of figures, they appeared to be performing the most vile and heinous acts on each other. I'll have to send it to you if I can find it.

Brian said...

Great photos, Todd, thanks for sharing and have a great time at Heroes.