Friday, July 17, 2009

what's perhappenin'? with russ burlingame


i'm tired today, staying up late to finish issue 1 of a project that...i don't think they've announced yet, so i'll have to keep mum. (i wonder when they're gonna announce it? it's out in october...)
i'm also tired from answering the grueling questions that our pal, russ burlingame, pummeled me with the other day, relentlessly trying to uncover some of the perhapanauts deepest, darkest mysteries. i did my best to dodge them, but russ was not to be discouraged this time and wheedled a few hints and clues out of me...and a rather big announcement.

and, because he did all the work, i'll give you this link and let russ tell you...


"five for friday"
you name it...

1. what is beast boy's real name?

2. what was john wayne's real name?

3. what was the name of winona rider's character in alien 4: alien resurrection?

4. what actor played the character of dea agent, ray nicolette, in both jackie brown and out of sight?

5. and finally, like you haven't had enough of him these past two weeks, what was michael jackson's middle name?

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Dewback13 said...

1. Garfield "Gar" Logan - now I wonder if Beast Boy has ever shaped shifted into a fat lasagna loving cat with a mutant healing factor and adamantium claws?
2. Marion Morrison - of course the other day I referred to his real name a Francis Marion - the Swamp Fox. DOH!
3. ? - but I may have the action figure somewhere?
4. ??
5. ???

Brian said...

Off to check out the interview, but first, my Five for Friday answers.

1. Beauty and the Beast Boy.

2. Marion "Don't Call Me Maid" Morrison

3. They made a #4 after #3 stunk up the multi-plex?

4) ?

5. "Cash Cow" (His Dad picked it out)

Jason Copland said...

Cool interview, Russ and Todd! It's fun being able to play in Todd and Craig's sandbox.

Gretchen said...

3. Call
4. I looked it up, but I'm not gonna tell...
5. Joseph

Leanne said...

Great interview!

But, uh... should I be worried?

Warren said...

Ooooo. Molly's story is going to be told! Yay! Is that the big announcement? It is to me -- I love Molly!

And Leanne, maybe you can make a a bargain with them -- they let you draw more stories, you keep your silence. :)

The interview was great. I'm looking forward to the new format. It seems to work well for other titles.

And fanfic... Hmmm...

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