Friday, April 22, 2011

top 5 sequels i'm still waiting for...


some days i have very little--today, i have quite a bit...
and monday. and wednesday...

today, though, i thought i'd throw the door open on a question i love to ask at bars and bar mitzvahs...
what sequel are you dying to see...?

here are my top 5...

the incredibles~~one of my favorite movies of all-time...and so perfect for a second visit! we want more of that sharp, stylistic world, more of that magical blend of superhero and family, action and humor and stunning design work! i've asked around and no one seems to know if creator/director brad bird is working on another incredibles...but he should be!

the usual suspects~~so, aside from certain facts that the police do know, isn't the entire tale a fabrication spun on the spot out of keyser soze's head...? so...what really happened...? in the hands of a clever screenwriter, it could be an entirely different story...

the princess bride~~okay, so, sadly, andre the giant is no longer with us. and several of the more colorful characters did not survive the first movie. but surely the idea that screenwriter and storytelling legend, william goldman, couldn't come up with some way to bring wallace shawn's vizzini is incontheivable!!
but to me, the major reason to make a sequel to this spectacular film would be to see the now-grown-up fred savage arrive at the sick-bed of his peter falk grandfather to read him the further adventures of westley and princess buttercup.
"as you wish."

star wars~~okay, i know what you're saying..."but, todd, empire strikes back, return of the jedi, the three prequels, the clone wars animated, and that chewbacca christmas thing..." yeah, but, look--when star wars came out in '77, it blew everything away. it was the first real science fiction film to break the geek barrier and get everybody--EVERYBODY--out and into the theaters to see this revolutionary space fantasy. it was the definition of zeitgeist. and as much as we all love and embrace the subsequent films, really, aren't they just more of the same. a simple continuation of what was established in the first? what if lucas' vision for the next movie, rather than a somewhat safe, formulaic retread of the original, was to push the boundaries and try to conjure up that zeitgeist again? to make the sequel just as new and ground-breaking as episode III, the same way james cameron re-imagined aliens after alien...?
(okay, save your death-threats and your hate-mail--i'm just messin' with ya...)
(leanne, call 911 if rod's still not breathing...)

the sixth sense~~is it me or it this a no-brainer...? shouldn't bruce willis and haley joel osment have then gone off to solve goofy paranormal mysteries ala the scooby-doo gang...?

so that's MY top five.
what about YOU...?
what are yours...?


last week brian forwarded me this hilarious/frightening email entitled "world's worst parents" featuring about 13 pics of (people who should not be) parents putting their respective children in rather dangerous situations. like i said, hilarious-slash-frightening...

i was gonna post a few more, but blogger is being a bit temperamental at the moment, so here's just two...sorry.


and, just a reminder, craig and i will be at the BOSTON COMIC CON next weekend with (haps artist) rich woodall and brian and tons of other friends...!
and tons of cool perhapanauts shwag!!
and making it's debut at the boston show is the new 2011 edition of everybody's favorite--the choopie butt card!
come get one from brian, 'cause nobody hooks you up with a butt card better than him!!
(can't wait to see ya, bri~!)

have a great weekend and a wonderful easter~!
smell ya later~!


Rich Woodall said...

Man, I totally agree w/ all your picks...

Here are mine.

1. Big Trouble in Little China : When you're stairin' down the barrel of a .45, and the half naked guy on the other end smells like cheap wisky and your ol' lady's perfume,you just remember what Ol' Jack Burton's always says "Hey, you can have her, she hasn't put out for me in years." Ok... so that's not in the movie, but it could be in the sequel! I'd settle for a comic based on the further adventures of Jack Burton... hmmm.. heck, I'd like to write the Further Adventures of Jack Burton...

2.Pulp Fiction : I know Vincent is Dead, but maybe we follow Jules on his road to peace... and of course shit doesn't happen that way, so he gets pulled back in... or there's always a prequel that follows Jules and Vincent... so many possibilities from that film.

3. The Thing : Another Carpenter / Russel movie... I'm silly for em'. Again, this has so many places to go. You could find them frozen, one's an alien... or not, and of course some science team puts the alien on a ship and sets sail for the US... all hell breaks loose on the ship, bla bla bla... fun stuff!

4. The Breakfast Club : ok, so this is probably really stupid, but I'm a little curious what happened on Monday.

5. The Private Eyes : Don Knotts and Tim Conway 1980 classic. If you haven't seen it, go find it, it's amazing (or at least that's how I remember it). These guys had many capers... and I want to know more about Wookalars!

Matt Wieringo said...

I started to agree with you, Todd, but I like the fact that those movies leave us wanting more...and not getting it. STAR WARS would have been much better as a single film. Nothing that followed lived up to seeing that movie for the first time. Least of all the prequels.

Speaking of prequels, Rich, there is a THING prequel on the way. If I'm not mistaken, it's already been shot.

Saw INSIDIOUS last night. That movie screams sequel as well. But I hope we don't get one.

Two sequels I'd love to see are THE PHANTOM II and THE ROCKETEER II. Though, sadly, Zane and Campbell are too old for the parts now.

todd said...

oooh--good choices all~!
i love all things kurt russell, so both the thing and big trouble would be awesome!

your choices made me think of another 80s film that begged for a sequel--and even promised one--buckaroo banzai: adventures in the 8th dimension!
that was some good stuff!

and, matt, the rocketeer would be great if they just re-did it...right. i felt that they came so close to capturing the essence of the comic book...and then missed it. plus, i think it gets a little yawn-y in the second act.

anyone else...?

Eric Henson said...
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Eric Henson said...

- Legend
- Big Trouble In Little China (I 2nd that)
- Army of Darkness (I know the Evil Dead series has sequels but they should have never stopped making them. Bruce Campbell should still be playing Ash right now!)
- The Cable Guy

Brian said...

1. The Incredibles. I'm with you Todd, this is at the top of my list.

2. Casablanca: Couldn't be done with out the original case, but I'd love to have seen what Rick and Louis did during the war.

3. It Happened One Night: Another that couldn't be done without the original cast. Man, Gable and Colbert were so good together. Romantic Comedy gold. Would have loved to seen how those two navigated the happily ever after.

4. Groundhog Day: Bill is a little long in the tooth at this point, but he and Andie MacDowell were so good together.

5. Four Weddings and a Funeral: Another case of great chemistry between Andie MacDowell and her leading man, Hugh Grant. How about a 5th Wedding with Charles and Carrie's daugher as the bride.