Wednesday, April 16, 2008

what brian won...and PiQ magazine!


well, today's the day--and you'd think that i'd once again be splattering the cover(s) of The All-New, All-Different PERHAPANAUTS #1 all over the place...

...but if you're the type that likes to check out the COMMENTS section each day then you already know that i just couldn't.

i just hadda post the funniest, hands down, hilarious-est response to a post that i've ever seen, by our own boothboy and CRICKET squad commander, BRIAN MULCAHY!
brian got all the "five for friday" right and here's his response...

Brian said on April 15, 2008 1:27 PM:
Hey, lookie here, got all the Five for Friday right.

My prize, an all expenses paid by trip to New York City to meet the fabulous creative minds behind the Perhapanauts, Todd and Craig.

Winners of the Five For Friday contest will be whisked to New York City by "Thumbs Up" Transportation. When hitting the open road, remember, hitch a ride with "Thumbs Up."

While in New York, winners will sleep at the newly delivered Brown Box Hotel, located one block, or more, depending on the wind, from the Javitz Convention Center and will be dining al fresco at the recently refilled Dumpster Diner conveniently located in the alley right behind the Javitz.

Also, winners will receive a year's supply of Fan Boy Funk Deoderant. Remember, nothing covers con funk, like Fan Boy Funk, a product of Mother's Basement Industries.

; )

Leaf said on April 15, 2008 8:04 PM:
Best post of the year goes to our friend Brian...

hey, bri--
i know we don't pay all that well (at all), but i DO have your early sign up exhibitor guest badge right here in my hand as we speak...

can't wait to see ALL you guys at the show!

craig, rico, brian, bill, scott!

my pal, nick cardy, is coming up!

CRICKET commander, khial forges will be there too!

our friends, kc carlson and johanna draper carlson, are coming up to the con and will be coming back to the house for a visit following the show. we're gonna go see the comic art exhibit a the norman rockwell museum on monday. (if we're not totally exhausted...)

if you're in the city, come out to the show!


and speaking of johanna draper carlson--a three-namer i always like to say--joahnna, as you know, has a great site called, COMICS WORTH READING where she covers, along with comics, a wide variety of topics in pop culture and the outlying areas. she also does a ton of freelance writing for journals, other websites, magazines, etc.

...and she landed the gig covering The PERHAPANAUTS debut for the cool new, trendy mag you gotta have, PiQ magazine! their editor, scott howard, contacted me about the possibility of an interview for their big issue, and i said, "great!" he then told me that he'd given their reporter my number and that she'd contact me soon to set up a time. johanna and i laughed when we realized, and then had a really fun interview.
go check it out! it's got an awesome cover featuring my favorite dog and rabbit combo, sam and max, so go out and grab a copy! (after you pick up several copies of perhapanauts #1, of course... : )


and that's all i got!
i'm heading down to the big NYC convention tomorrow afternoon, so i won't be here this weekend. but the blog will go up as i've put friday's together and have shown sharon how to post it. so have a great weekend and go get your copy of The All-New, All-Different PERHAPANAUTS #1!
all the cool kids are doing it...!

smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Picked up the two copies my LCS had and plan on hitting another shop tonight with Mafus to see if I can finally score one of Craig's cover as both issues were Art Adams. (My annual has the Allred cover, too. No luck, I tell ya.)

Speaking of about that back cover? Wow. Both speechless and geeking. Thanks, Craig and Todd, for the honor of gracing your book. Means more than you know.

Can't wait to read the entire issue tonight as I think my boss'll take umbrage with me reading comics during work. Okay, back to geeking out.

Anonymous said...

Gotta admit Brian's response is hilarious. Way to go Brian.

Hope you guys have a blast @ the con.

Now, I'm off to the LCBS to get the 'haps.

Brian said...

Just finished the fabulous Issue No. 1 and I headed over here to post my praise for Todd, Craig and Rico when what should I run into but a boat load of praise coming right back at me.

Thanks Todd, Emilio and Leaf, your laughs mean a lot to me.

As for the issue, usual great job all around and a back cover high five to matt and leaf for making me afraid to go back in the water all over again this summer with your Jaws tribute. Great stuff guys.

Highlights from the main story, the Molly flash back on page one, the Molly and Choopie comedic recap - funny stuff Todd and Craig, I want to see more of them in the future, the Mothmen - scary - and how everyone dies, or could die, brilliant. (That is an older MG with Arisa, please, please say yes.)

As for the back-up story, nice job Dave and Bob, I cannot look at Big in his tuxedo without laughing and, while I can appreciate how Choopie feels, take it from this former alter boy, that wine isn't half bad.

Speaking of that former alter boy, in panel 4 of the back-up story, don't know who that suave looking dude rocking the beard and the black on black ensemble standing in the rear pew is supposed to be, but as far as I'm concerned, it's my favorite C.R.I.C.K.E.T.

See you guys Friday.

Scott Weinstein said...

Congrats guys!!!

Issue 1 was fantastic. Great start. The art was amazing. And Todd did a great job catching everyone up on the backstory and then jumping right back into things. I can't wait for issue 2.

Matt and Christian, great job on the back cover. I hope we see more from you guys.

Squeeze said...

Nicely done Dezago/Rousseau. So proud of you guys. Everyone tell your comic book friends to go buy 'haps #1. The art is amazing. WOW- who are those guys who did the back cover? THEY ARE AMAZING!! I'd buy that book just for the back cover art. ;-) Go Team Mafus Leaf.

I called my sister AND my Mom and told them to go buy 'haps #1.

This is so exciting. Can't wait for Issue #2.

Cooper said...

I usually try to avoid the whole multiple cover thing...but I had to get both. Definite kudos on the back cover, too, guys. Is that a meg? Totally cool. Steve Alten's books make me wet myself.

Matt Wieringo said...

Hey, Cooper. Yeah, that was not only a meg but it was inspired by Steve Alten's books. I'm a big fan too. THE TRENCH was my favorite. I loved the Kronosaurs. I keep waiting patiently for a sequel to GOLIATH.