Thursday, August 14, 2008

any random friday


here's a mish-mash of random stuff; items that i've been saving on my desktop to share and never finding any common theme or reason to slap them up here. call this a series of "random pictures of the week".
oh, and there's a "five for friday" at the bottom...

the other day, matt sent out an e-mail with a bunch of funny --twisted--motivational posters. they were all hilarious, and a couple kinda gross, but this one was both funny and intriguing; i'd never seen this picture before.

i can only echo..."what the F#@& is that?!"


i laughed and i laughed when i first saw this, sure, as i was doing it, that i'd be going to hell for it.
i tried to stop.
i couldn't stop.


my pal, dani, sent me an e-mail featuring some funny t-shirts. these are the ones i dug the most.


i have been told since that that picture of ray charles above was actually ray having some fun.
(so it's okay to laugh...)


in my wednesday post, i alluded to a certain huge, purplish/greyish, favorite marvel character featuring features similar to that of the snapping turtle and ernie cooper nailed it.

(i am the #1 dragon man fan!)


PLEASE NOTE: i have really dropped the ball these past few weeks and, once again, need to apologize and post a correction to one of last week's answers. as my 12 year old nephew pointed out--using the words "idiot" and "dork" as he did so--the three major sections of the brain are the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brain stem (not the medulla oblongata, which is part of the brain stem, but not the whole thing...)
wendy and ghost of tom you had it right!

thank you, tyler. dork.


"five for friday"
some tough ones this week.
hope you'll give 'em a try.

1. in the english alphabet, what is the dot above the lower case "i" or "j" called?

2. although jobless throughout much of seinfeld's run, apparently kramer was actually on strike. what job was he striking from?

3. what do carol burnett, eric clapton, robin williams, jack nicholson, lisa marie presley, and tiger woods have in common?

4. what was jimmy hoffa's middle name?

5. in a standard deck of cards, which king does NOT have a moustache?

bonus question: in the history of baskin-robbins, they have only ever made one flavor of ice cream based on a vegetable. what was the flavor?

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Adam Hutch said...

What IS that?

Those "motivational" posters are a lot of fun.

1- It is called a "Tittle" (finally having an english language professor for a mother pays off!)
2- He worked in the glorious Bagel Business

That's all I got for Five for Friday.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are all very funny.
I know you mentioned Ray Charles was supposed to be fooling around in that picture, but I too feel like I'm going to hell for laughing.

for the 5er,
1. a "dot"
2. same one I'm currently striking from, "work"
3. they're all on drugs (hallucinogenic)
4. "missing"
5. the one that shaved

Brian said...

Frankly, on first look the creature in the poster looks like a dog up on his hind legs. I am due for new contacts though, so don't mind me.

On to the Five For Friday.

1. The medulla oblongata

2. Worked in a bagel shop.

3. All have more money than me.
(This answer is an homage to Cliff's famous Final Jeopardy answer - "What are things not found in my kitchen.")

4. First we can't find Jimmy, now we can't find his middle name.

5. King of Diamonds - Wild Guess.

Bonus - George W. Bush - Yummy.

Squeeze said...

Total Guesses for 5 for Friday:

1- Umlaut
2- Movie Projectionist
3- All have done commercials for Buick
4- Earle
5- King of Diamonds
6- Carrot
As a side note of the weird, Matt and I attended the Garlic Festival at a winery in Virginia with his parents. One booth had garlic ice cream and .........IT WAS GREAT!! It was really good- vanilla ice cream with dried and fresh garlic in it. We went two years in a row and I made sure to get some garlic ice cream both years. DARN good.
And no GD Vampires that night either.;-)

Warren said...

Todd, because I know you'd want to know--

Matt Wieringo said...

Warren, you beat me to it. Here's a pic:

4. Danger

todd said...

thanks, you guys!

actually, squeeze hooked me up with this earlier this morning... : )

i don't know what to think--not much you can tell from a photograph--but i HOPE it's something and not just a hoax. hoaxes don't help the cause at all.

thanks for the heads-up and we'll just hafta see what this turns out to be.

Anonymous said...

3. been on Johnny Carson?

Heywood Jablomie said...

seriously! WTF?! i will be stealing that later and posting it up on my myspace haha!

we can all share the same spot in hell, cuz that is some funny sh!t! and i love shirts of those designs.

kewl beans on there being more dragon man. i wish they'd use him more-the last time i saw him used was in xmen first class

everyone gave their ideas for answers plus i'm too wiped to try!

Bob said...

1. a dot
2. Todd Dezago's assistant
3. They have never been to my house for dinner.
4. Jersey
5. Diamonds?

Bonus: Carrot

Unknown said...

I like the shirts, I do work in Hell.

1. tilde
2. idk, never watch the show
3. only children of family
4. Mafia
5. Diamonds
bonus. ketchup