Friday, August 08, 2008

what's perhappenin' and five for friday!


over at our pal, russ burlingame has instituted a monthly column called "what perhappenin'?" in a meager attempt to try to trick me into telling him what we've got planned for the perhapanauts.
it isn't working.
i'll never crack.

but i do give some hints as to what might be happening and i do answer some of the questions that i CAN answer without spoiling any of it for you.

go check out his recent entry at:



before we get on with the "five for friday", craig nailed me earlier today by pointing out a mistake in last week's five, one i am very embarrassed to admit for two reasons. one is that i should have known the answer. and two is because, in my haste these past few weeks, i neglected to check my answers on last week's five. i apologize and promise that i will never rush through again.
so for those of you that noticed, yes, i DID spell shaun in "shaun of the dead" wrong (shawn) and the correct answer to that question is that though simon pegg and nick frost starred in the film, it was pegg and edgar wright who wrote the movie and wright directed.
bad information.


"five for friday"

1. to what continent is the carnivorous plant, the venus fly trap, indigenous?

2. what are the small discs thrown as targets in skeet and trap shooting called?

3. what actor played the school principal in "e.t." only to have spielberg cut the scene?

4. generally speaking, what are the three main parts of the brain?

5. over the >gasp!< years i've tried to feature, both here and in the comic book, an assortment of some of the strange and bizarre creatures that have had me obsessed with cryptozoology since childhood. let's see if you've been paying attention. below is a gallery of some of my favorites--can you name them?








have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


h. said...

I love you, Craig and all the words and pictures you make.

Blow up the place baby!
Howie P.

Heywood Jablomie said...

I'll read the link later on tonight, but here's my stab at the five-fer:

1. South America?

2. Clay pigeons?

3. ???

4. left right and front

5. a. The son o' mother leeds aka da jersey devil
b. dunno
c. mothman?
d. choopie!
e. i can't remember this one
f. dover demon
g. aswang?

Matt Wieringo said...

C looks like Gossamer to me.

Brian said...

I'll be checking out the link later.

As for the 5 for Friday


A. Jersey Devil

B. ?

C. Mothman

E. ?

F. Dover Demon

G. Aswang.

portalcomics said...

hmmm.... tough 5FF this week... only 2 I'm sure of and 1 I think I know...

1. ???
2. I thought skeets, as in skeet shooting...
3. Harrison Ford
4. Cerebrum, Cerebellum and Medula Oblongata
5d. Chupacabra!!

Unknown said...

Five 'fer:
1: North America
2: clay pigeons
3: Ben Stein???
4: Cerebellum, Cerebrum, Medulla Oblongata (or Higher, Middle and Lower)
5:a:Jersey Devil

Heywood Jablomie said...

my girlfriend said that 5-c looks like a headless ape with pasties.

Cooper said...

1. Ummm...South America?
2. Ummm...Kittens?
3. Harrison Ford
4. Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Medulla Oblangata
5a. Jersey Devil
5b. Ummm...a rabid fraggle?
5c. Mothman
5d. Chupacabra
5e. Ummm...Oa'ke, the Acorn That Walked Like a Man?
5f. Ummm...MST3K's Crow T. Robot's ancestor?
5g. Ummm...Rodan?

Unknown said...

Hey Todd! This is Malachi (I'm...uhh...related to Craig somehow [he's my Dad's cousin, I believe!])
"5 for Friday"
1.North America (I had one)
2.Clay Pigeons (Great Movie)
3.Harrison Ford (I think my Uncle looks him, I don't know...)(What'd you think of the new Indy?)
4.Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and Brain Stem (Trying to relate all of these somehow so...I have them!?)
5.Hey, I love the Paranormal too!
-a.The Jersey Devil
-b.I'm really ashamed that I don't know that one
-c.The Mothman
-d.El Chupacabra (Choop-a-Loop!)
-e.The Flatwoods Monster (always liked him, well maybe not if I was there)
-f.The Dover Demon (I've never seen that picture before)
-g.Giant Bat?! Pterodactyl?! I like the Rodan answer, I'll go with that (Thanks! Cooper)
See you at the Baltimore Comic con!

~ Wendy ~ said...

let's see ..
1. North America
2. clay pigeons?
3. Harrison Ford
4. cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem
5.. Love the pics!
a) Jersey devil
b) an obnoxious goblin? my younger brother?
c) Karl (aka mothman)
d) Choopie (though not a flattering pic of him I must say..)
e) flatwood devil/monster?
f) dover demon
g) Manananggal? WakWak? Aswang? (though I too like Cooper's "Rodan" answer! LOL)

Justin M... said...

Let an expert in the field show you guys a few things. For question #5:

A) The Jersey Devil
B) The Hopkinsville Goblins of Hopkinsvill, Kentucky
C) Mothman
D) El Chupacabra
E) The Flatswood Monster
F) The Dover Demon
G) Aswang

If you all want some more schooling on folklore and mythology you can visit my blog. Peace!

Anonymous said...

g. would be a manananggal.