Wednesday, August 06, 2008

snuck-up-on-me wednesday!


so, aside from trying to get all my writing and lettering done this week, an old friend of mine is in town for a few days and i'm trying to carve time out to spend with her. back in the eighties, we were near inseparable; we worked together, played together, sang together, and she was dating my girlfriend's roommate, so, at times, we practically lived together. haven't seen her in years and though we got together last saturday night with several dear friends--hi, wendy and joanne!! : )--leslie and i realized that we had a LOT of catching up to do.

and now so do i.

so i got nothing for today.

no, wait--here's a picture of a cool bunny.

and, this is cool, scott sent me these pics of some graffiti down the street from his apartment in brooklyn. he said that the handwriting looked a lot like mine (it does!) and that maybe i should start tagging all of my work with this.

that's all i got.
i'll have more on friday...
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

What? No mention of your Wolverine story hitting the shelves today? It almost snuck past me, but I caught the cover outta the corner of my eye and remembered, "Hey. Todd's wrote half of that." Looking forward to reading it later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that bunny is ultra cool!

Heywood Jablomie said...

Well being that today snuck up on him i'm sure the fact the wolvie issue came out did too!

i got it, it rocked, well todd's part, didn't read the other part yet. todd's story needed more pages than the first one though, as his was a bit shorter, but it was frikkin sweet!!

todd said...


totally didn't know it was out today.

glad it looks god. i'll hafta go and check it out.

thanks, you guys!

Brian said...

Man, that picture of the bunny reminds me to start a petition for an Ether Bunny spin-off from the 'Haps.

Dang, just got back from the LCBS and completely missed out on the Wolverine. Would have been cool to pick that and Craig's Spidey on the same day.

renecarol said...

Wow I thought the tagging was yours just missed a few letters. It really does look like your handwriting. I like the bunny pic too.

~ Wendy ~ said...

Hi Todd!! It was great catching up with you & Les & Joanne the other night. It's a shame we didn't have more time. (besides sharing that you are a frustrated artist - have you mentioned your guitar playing & singing talents?)

Love the bunny - and the tag, even if it isn't really you - sure looks like it could be!!

If you get the chance on Friday I would like to hear more about the Wolverine story that hit the shelves ..

Scott Weinstein said...

I missed the Wolverine issue too. I'll grab that tomorrow.