Monday, August 18, 2008

polar pals


so the bigfoot in the freezer turned out to be not bigfoot (dna said human and...possum?!), the montauk monster is still viable, but there are a lot of things about that that sound hinky, and the dewitt county chupacabra is SOMETHING--some kind of devil dog...the dewitt devil dog?...but it's no chupacabra by the definition i go by. is it a summer of hoaxes? i hope not. hoaxes don't help the cryptozoological cause one bit.
plus they're stupid.

the bigfoot story--which was featured as a press conference on cnn--just proved how poorly prepared and unprofessional tom biscardi and his "searching for bigfoot, inc." is. this claim should have been better documented and researched before the media was let in--and why not wait a day and have the dna results AT the press conference?! what a black eye for biscardi and ALL of us who believe in the possibility of sasquatch/bigfoot/yeti.

that the carcass of the montauk monster was allowed to be carted off and no one knows where it anyone doing some investigating on that? i understand that the police probably don't have time to follow this up, but somebody...?

and shouldn't the deputy in dewitt county--and those around him--be held responsible for actually knowing a little something about chupacabras before calling their dog one...?!

here's my chupacabra.

okay, so maybe i sound a little bitter. (but only in a "having fun with it " way.)


so, from what i've heard, the polar bear is supposedly one of the most vicious creatures on the planet. reports have them traveling miles out of their way just to kill something. they, like grizzlies--like any other living thing for that matter--become extremely violent when they believe their young are in danger. what we hear of polar bears interacting with any other animal is usually not good news.

so, of course, the guy who owned these sled dogs was thinking about where he was gonna get a new set of sled dogs when this polar bear wandered into his camp. he was also wondering if the polar bear was gonna stop when it was done tearing them to pieces...

apparently, the bear returned to the camp several nights in a row to romp and play with the dogs.
ya never know...


here are the
answers to the

"five for friday"
some tough ones this week.
hope you'll give 'em a try.

1. in the english alphabet, what is the dot above the lower case "i" or "j" called?

a tittle

2. although jobless throughout much of seinfeld's run, apparently kramer was actually on strike. what job was he striking from?

a bagel shop (h&h bagels, to be exact)

3. what do carol burnett, eric clapton, robin williams, jack nicholson, lisa marie presley, and tiger woods have in common?

all are/were the only child.

4. what was jimmy hoffa's middle name?

james riddle hoffa

5. in a standard deck of cards, which king does NOT have a moustache?

the king of hearts

bonus question: in the history of baskin-robbins, they have only ever made one flavor of ice cream based on a vegetable. what was the flavor?

(i know. eww, right?)
(but i'd definitely try it...)

smell ya later!


Brian said...

I'm calling this one the White Hat Chupacabra, perhaps the most horrific looking of all the Chupacabra breeds. ; )

As for those polar bear pictures, I love, love, love 'em.

Ketchup ice cream you say, bet the sold a lot of that . . . not.

Scott Weinstein said...

The dogs and bear were playing. That's awesome. But, like all rough-housing like that, it's all fun and games until someone gets a 5 inch fang in their neck.

Heywood Jablomie said...
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Heywood Jablomie said...

adorable post with the polar bear!

and you gotta stop letting jake take pictures with that chupacabra, you'll give him some kind of complex!

Heywood Jablomie said...

forgot to add this

and i caught some of the 'press conference' on the bigfoot, yeah didn't do wonders for the cause at all. and their reasoning for the 'possum dna' found.....yawn.....

Anonymous said...

Love those Polar Bear shots.
Is that right before the dogs and the bear shared a coke?
OK, I just love those animated polar bear coke commercials around Christmas.

~ Wendy ~ said...

ketchup ice cream?! ewwwww!!

I love the polar bear pics.. Animals can sure surprise us! Reminds me of Otis & Mzee, the baby hippo & 100+ year old tortoise that bonded after the 2004/2005?? tsunami.. too bad we humans can't learn to see beyond our differences .. *sigh*

and that pick of Jake & the Chupacabra! yikes!! scary stuff, scary stuff. ;-)