Monday, August 04, 2008

in an hour...


i don't think that's it's any secret that i am a frustrated artist. as a kid i was drawing all the time and dreamed of one day being as good as my heroes; neal adams, jim aparo, and, yes, nick cardy! i began college in a graphics art program but was soon swayed over to (my deeper, secret, desire) theater and acting. i've tried to study and work at drawing on the side, but over the past 20 years or so, there really hasn't been at that much "on the side" time. and i was never really that dedicated a student anyway. that's why i am in such awe and so appreciative of my friends and all the great artists i get to meet and work with in this business!
it's both envy and wonder on my part.

so i still draw/paint my christmas cards each year (which, now that i have a nice scanner these days, i will share with you when the holidays roll around) and i do illustrations for friends; birthday cards, band posters, etc.

i've known my friend, paul, my whole life. went to elementary and high school with him and am happy to say we still get a chance to get together and hang out once in a while. he's a prison guard now, pretty high ranking from what i understand (paul's pretty modest), and each year he asks me if i'll design a t-shirt for their annual summer-fling bar-b-que. last year it was a pig roast, the year before that i think chicken. this year was a beef bar-b-que and though paul asked me way back in june, i've been so busy that it totally slipped my mind. he called saturday to remind me that it was an HOUR!!!

so i did this in an hour.
i hate the colors.
i woulda done so many things differently.
but here it is.


here's an awesome pic of the aurora borealis reflected on the water...


and here are the
answers to the
"five for friday"

1. who wrote and directed the classic night of the living dead?

george a. romero

2. who wrote and starred in the zom-com shawn of the dead?

simon pegg and nick frost

3. what character did stephen king play in the mini-series adaptation of his best-selling novel, the stand?

teddy weizak
(and, yes, christian--after seeing him play jordy verrill in creepshow, i woulda loved to see steve play tom cullen. m-o-o-n spells stephen king...)

4. what award-winning make-up effects legend provided the splatterrific gore for dawn of the dead and day of the dead?

tom savini

5. pets

a. what was the name of ross' pet monkey on friends?


b. what was the nickname the crew gave the giant mechanical shark on the set of jaws?


c. what was meredith and derek's dog's name on grey's anatomy?


d. what was the name of the cat that alf was always eager to eat on alf?


e. what was the name of the partridge family's dog?


smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Don't be too rough on yourself there, Todd. Especially for only having an hour. That drawing has some very nice moments and line work in it. Looking forward to seeing what you whip up for this year's X-Mas card.

Scott Weinstein said...

That's an awesome drawing. It's lively and fun. Good work.

Brian said...

I actually like the cow/bull, Todd. There is just something funny about the expression, but something so wrong about the fact that he/she is grilling up steaks.

As for the five for Friday, you have my tech challenged head spinning here as don't see any Friday post on my screen. It goes straight from the bonus Thursday post - no trivia - to the Monday post.

So much for my inner circle status.

; )

todd said...

blogger has been baffling me lately too, brian.
i'll go to post a new entry and find that it doesn't register right away. or sometimes at all. then, when i re-load it again, it posts it twice.

if you have the perhapa-blog bookmarked or set as one of your "favorite places", possibly emptying your cache will clear up the mess...?

Matt Wieringo said...

Hey, that's a great drawing! I actually like the color choices. Especially impressive for only taking an hour. And, yeah, it's always skeeved me when I see pictures of smiling pigs on the sign of a Barbecue joint.

Heywood Jablomie said...

oh wow and here i thought the worst. glad that it was just a blogger issue with the friday post!!

i love the drewing man! i'd love to see more of your arteest side. the x-mas card was a hoot and hope to see more.

and yeah quit being so hard on yourself. i know how you feel, as i've had no time to hone anything and it looks like i might never get to for quite some time!

~ Wendy ~ said...

I have to agree - don't be so hard on yourself! I like what you drew and in just an hour!!.

I can also remember some drawings you did for the school paper that were quite note worthy!

Rich Faber said...

Very cool, Todd! I always say that you totally undervalue yourself as an artist (I suppose we all do, actually).

Your cards are always my favorites at the holidays. So personal, and so creative. I still have every one you've sent, and I don't usually save many cards.


Anonymous said...

Very cool drawing, Todd.

Will be looking forward to seeing your homemade cards during the holidays