Monday, August 25, 2008

blame spider-man~!


well, we just got word--and thought it would be good to pass it on to you--that PERHAPANAUTS 4 will be in stores september 24!! it is stuffed full of lots of perhapanaut-y goodness and features all the thrills and surprises to lead you right into issue 5, the mind-shattering conclusion to our first story arc, TRIANGLE!

we thank everybody for your patience and your loyalty to us and the PERHAPANAUTS. while we've certainly had some experience at producing our own book, craig and i have discovered that even the smallest of obstacles can sometimes put the book a week--or even two--off schedule! and once you're OFF schedule, it's very difficult to get back on.

as for this delay, well, as the title of this post suggests...BLAME SPIDEY!
with craig and i both doing work for marvel right now--he on SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE and me on an upcoming run on MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN--we're up to our webs in work!
(i'm especially thrilled at the fantastic work craig is doing on SMLMJ! have ya seen it? you oughta go pick it up!) and while it's great to have actual PAYING work, sadly, it leaves little time to work on our baby here, our labor of love.

we thank you for your understanding.

here are a couple of craig's beautiful pages from spider-man loves mary jane...

and zach howard's cool cover to marvel adventures spider-man #45


when issue four DOES hit the stands, it will feature, not only a red team back-up story by the talented JASON ARMSTRONG, but this beautiful flip cover as well! hopefully your local comic shop will have the room to display BOTH cool covers, but just in case your store flips them all upside-down and around and stuff...

don't miss it!


need some funny?
watch this;


the answers
to your
"five for friday"

1. what former boxer and sportswriter hosted a sunday evening variety hour for 24 years?

ed sullivan

2. in it's original incarnation, who was the host of jeopardy?

art fleming

3. creator of the dating game and the newlywed game, and creator/host of the gong show, chuck barris also claimed to be working for who?

the cia

4. what city was buried under ash and debris after the eruption of mount vesuvius?


5. what is the only marsupial indigenous to north america?

the opossum

smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Blaming the Klingons would've also been acceptable...

Excellent news. Always nice to have a book on the radar with a definite release date. Is the MA Spider-Man #45 out already, Todd?

Liking that flip-cover. Nice Guy Davis feel to it. Tremendous energy.

todd said...
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todd said...

marvel adventures spider-man 45 is out in november.
the other three follow right after...

todd said...
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Adam Hutch said...

You're right Christian, that flip-cover does have a Guy Davis vibe.

I knew Spidey would turn out to be behind Perhapanauts' delay. They're right that guy's a menace!

portalcomics said...

OH sure, Todd! blame it on Spider-man! as if he doesn't have enough crap going on right now!!

Scott Weinstein said...

The Jason Armstrong cover looks great. I know that issue will be well worth the wait.

~ Wendy ~ said...

Love the cover and the news that the next issue of Perhaps is right around the corner!

poor spidey - always blamed for anything that happens, though we also must thank him for allowing you and Craig to work "for" him!

Brian said...

I like that Armstrong cover and just picked up a Lobster Johnson sketch from him in Toronto. He is a really nice guy.

Heywood Jablomie said...

the cover looks great!

now i see why triple j hates the guy, yeesh! that's it i'm not going to buy another one of his oh wait who am i kidding?! with you guys on the books it's hard to hate that damn wall crawler!

Anonymous said...

No need for blame! We love Spidey as well as Chuppie and co! Looking forward to the next issue!! Creativity happens at it's own pace, and you guys have that in abundance! Great job "Haps" staff, and you todd!

~Joanne~ said...

No need for blame! We love Spidey as well as Chuppie and co! Looking forward to the next issue!! Creativity happens at it's own pace, and you guys have that in abundance! Great job "Haps" staff, and you todd!

Anonymous said...

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