Sunday, August 31, 2008

i'm not paying for the writer's strike...!


maybe they think we won't remember, as the powers that be continue to dumb down our society, either mis-directing us with divergent news stories to draw our attention away from their dirty tricks or, instead, hitting us with a steady barrage of information so fast that we can't keep up with the content let alone the context, our government is definitely trying to turn us into a flock of mindless sheep and are using the networks to do it.

i know that. we should all know that.
i try to keep my head down and pay attention to the big picture.
i try to stay apolitical on this blog and keep it fun.
i try not to rant.

but now they're attempting to use those same despicable tactics where i live.
in entertainment.

i am not paying for the writer's strike.

do they think we won't remember?
do they think we won't notice?

the studios, looking to cut their losses on last season's writer's strike are trying to pull a fast one. as the new seasons of your favorite shows are issued on dvd--a season that was severely truncated by the strike--the studios are hoping that you won't notice that, while the number of episodes was, in fact, cut in half, the price tag remains the same as if the box set contains a full 24 or 26 episode season.

we've already become a culture of collector's (my comic book, cd, and dvd collector make it hard for me to deny that i'm one of those sheep...) and are increasingly becoming more and more the ideal capitalistic society (did everybody see wall-e? wasn't that message about rampant consumerism just so ture? i can't wait 'til it comes out on dvd!!)
okay, so i'm already in the club--but i'm not going to slaughter quietly.

sharon digs prison break. we were standing in best buy yesterday with the new season, season three, in our hands. i haven't watched it yet, but, like lost and grey's anatomy, she likes to watch them on dvd. and now that she's got me hooked on grey's, i'm anxiously awaiting season four's release on september 9th, so that we can catch up and enjoy the new shows beginning on september 25th. i said to her, that gives us 16 days to marathon those 26, wait! there'll only be 13, because of the strike.
and that's when i checked the pricetag.

i love tv. i love these shows.
but i am NOT going to make up the difference that the studios feel they've lost in these negotiations by paying full price for half a season.

an you shouldn't either.


sorry for the rant.
here's a picture of a little boy with a pipe.


and now the
answer to the
"five for friday"

1. according to madison avenue, what two colors are proven to trigger a hunger response in people?

red and yellow

2. who or what is JASON DJ FM AM J?

the months of the calendar year, beginning with july.

3. in 1991, what calamitous soda ad announced the coming of "the clear alternative?"

(though i keep remembering it as "pepsi clear," the official name was) "crystal pepsi."

4. who said to dolly parton that he "would give about a year's pay to peek under [her blouse]?"

johnny carson

5. here are the official titles of some pretty cool jobs.
what do each of these people do?

a. a farrier

equine hoof care--horse-shoer

b. a milliner

a hat maker

c. a luthier

a guitar maker--maker of stringed instruments

have a great labor day!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

I was a big fan of Prison Break when it first started, but it just got to "out there" for me to stay with it and killing off Sarah was the straw that broke the camel's back. Of course, now that they are brining her back, I'm going to give it another peak.

As for paying full price for half the product, I'm with you buddy, JUST SAY NO.

Matt Wieringo said...

I never pay "full" price for TV DVD series and always buy them right when they come out (usually cheaper) or wait until the big retailers realize they overordered and drop the price severely. I really love how they set SRP at $49.99 for a lot of these and then sell them "cheap" for $29.99. Wow! What a savings! I usually wait for the steeper drop to $19.99.

What bugs me is the advertising. Remember when cable was commercial-free because, well, you were paying for it? No almost no networks are commercial free and, worse, the commercials take up more air time than the actual programming. Well, trust me, that's coming to DVD. Just wait. There are already some DVDs with house ads that you can't skip over. Eventually, I'm sure we'll see ads for Coke or Ford or whatever done the same way. After that, how long do you think it will be before they start re-inserting those damned ads during the breaks between acts. Only a matter of time, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

I won't be paying full price for half a season either.

My only question is, "what ever happened to that really cool van behind the pipe smoking kid?"

~ Wendy ~ said...

Cute pic..

I know what you mean about the 1/2 season=full price series sets. *sheez* guess they're hoping we'll just be so excited that the series is out that we'll buy it regardless of price/episodes.
Though I will, sheepishly, admit that I bought Jericho Season 2 right when it came out ... from Amazon.. I just HAD to have it... *sigh*

Heywood Jablomie said...

i agree, cute pic!

as for the seasons, i really hadn't thought about it until as well. then when i saw that some of the shows were out this week i went to go order them and saw the prices were still full price, yeah well 'F' that. i'll wait until they're on the sale shelf at target or walmart if i need them that bad. damn the man! lol

Heywood Jablomie said...

er that until there should be either i had 2 thoughts going at once. haha

todd said...


that, my friend, is a 1958 willy's jeep!

craig rousseau said...

like i said earlier, you're preaching to the choir, brother! (although, being in an industry where double - even triple or more - dipping projects with deluxe hardcovers, trade paperbacks with exclusive material, oversized reprints has become the norm... should we really be surprised to what lengths these studios will go?)

yeah, i only buy'm on sale (or used)... but dammit, they'll still sucker me in ... heck, they're saying the fourth truncated season of the office - granted it had 11 regular episodes and 5 hour long - should cost $50... same as season 3?! and 15 episodes of 30 rock should retail for $40?... there's no way i'd pay that much (usually a little on-line shopping 'll cut those by 30%)...

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