Thursday, August 28, 2008

wendy's trip


everything for a reason, i always say...

i had to go down to marvel yesterday and was up early, running around, getting everything together, and was thrilled that wendy had told me a story a few days before of her trip last week and was kind enough to write it up, giving me the day off and making it easier for me to get things done at marvel. she was having some problems with her scanner the night before and couldn't get the pictures over to me, but i thought it was a compelling enough story without them and we'd run them later when she finally had a chance to get them scanned.
so early yesterday morning, i THOUGHT i published this post.

but it didn't go.
(i've been having some sketchy problems with blogger lately and, though frustrating, this was no surprise...)

so i came home and realized that there'd been no new post yesterday. thank you all for your patience.

today, of course, i thought i'd put i up with this explanation and--because of the delay--wendy's pictures.
sadly, she's still having trouble with them and is, as we speak, running over to a friend's house to send them along.

so here's wendy's story. it gave me goosebumps.
pictures to follow.



though she's told me the whole story in our emails back and forth, i practically had to twist wendy's arm to get her to tell her story here on the blog.

You guys are never going to believe what happened to me on vacation last week. My boys and I took a trip out to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon (amoung other things). I love to hike, the boys not so much. During one of my solo hikes I sat down under some shade in a rather remote area (I tend not to stay on the paths .. too many tourists! LOL). I was quietly eating my granola bar and drinking my water when I heard what I thought was music, ever so faintly, coming from the other side of the bushes where I was sitting. I had never heard anything like it before. It was pretty and yet kinda haunting at the same time. So, being the curious person I am I decided to check it out. I ever so quietly moved to a spot that allowed me to peer through a small opening in the branches. There, next to the edge of the canyon wall were two very small “creatures”. I still can’t believe I saw this, let alone am sharing it because you are all going to think I was having a touch of heat stroke or something. These little things stood about a foot tall and had the most unusual colored hair on their heads. They also appeared to be wearing some type of ceremonial clothing. They were standing on two legs and, I think, dancing. I am so glad I had decided to take my camera because if I had not been able to take a couple pictures I think I would have thought this was all some sort of weird dream ... that or someone at the hotel thought it would be funny to spike my water ?? I was able to snap two pictures before I moved to get a better shot and stepped on a twig – at which point they both looked in my direction (and I of course ducked because I didn’t know what they might do if they saw me!!) and when my heart started beating at it’s normal rate again I looked up but they had disappeared. I will try and download my prints and get them over to Todd. Maybe someone out there knows what these strange little things are …. ??

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Christian D. Leaf said...

Yowza! Can't wait to see the pics that go with this tale.